East Fork

I will be heading to Lenore in exactly a week. Yahoo!

What are those few and precious flies all you experienced guys out there wouldn't leave home without?
I'm there the 18th and 19th. Big buggers and leeches, olive and black. Some people use chironomids over there, especially in the spring, and hare's ears. I like the big streamers better. Lots of mayflies, chironies, damsels and dragons (sounds like a role-playing game!). Used to be a large population of mud puppies, which are larval stage of tiger salamanders, but I think the big Lahontans gobbled most of them up. Also lots of scuds.
Good Luck, and post a report!

Happiness is a big Lahontan!
Nice Fish Fatwhitedog!!!! Was this one of the pigs you landed a couple weeks ago? Very nice.....

I agree go with damsels. However, I like to go with the chironomids bobber style. Maybe pulling a black leech of death. Give it a whirl to see whatcha like best and don't forget the emergers. :thumb
Yep, That was one of many like that over a two day period. On a fly of my own invention.

Fish the points of land, even around the islands and rock formations, the transition points where the weeds are…weeds are your friend…skim the tops by the countdown method to find them.

Use a sinktip not full sink IMHO (and experience)...if going deep with leeches I’d dredge with a purple leech, sparse and near size 10 or 8. SLOW on the retrieve.
I was thinking of heading over there but have never been...a I want to take my wife with and we have a inflatable boat for two, will the wind be a huge problem? Thanks in a advance.


East Fork

The wend can blow so hard you can not fish, even from the bank. Thats the risk you take when you drive over there. Hopefully, between Lenore, Dry Falls and Rocky Ford it will be worth it regardless of the wend. Wow, I am getting so pumped its hard to stay on track at work.
No kidding! Can't wait. Yes, the wind can be your enemy up the coulee. My experience has been that there is more chance for extreme winds in the spring than in the fall, but there are always exceptions. Go to the weather.com site, and type in Ephrata, Wa. It will give you a pretty good look at what's coming up weatherwise over there. Right now it calls for partly cloudy skies and no rain for next week/weekend. Cross your fingers everyone!
aaron j
While camped across the highway from Lenore, a windy night buckled the sturdy poles of my wall tent. I ended up sleeping under a table that I had inside the tent, to keep the canvas off me... and come to think of it, it was in October.:eek:
Fish till ya drop.Then suck it up and fish the evening hatch.

I fished Lenore this year more than anyone else I know. Lots of action when you're on the hatch.

I see lots of Baaaad fly advice here on fishing Lenore. Sure, you'll catch a few fish on Damsels and Buggers, and Dragonfly Nymphs. But your just picking up strays and are NOT "on the hatch."

The hatch on Lenore starte in early March on the N. end with a huge chironomid hatch. North end is best then due to fish congregating there on the pre spawn. In April it dies out completely as they go on the spawn. Go elsewhere.

In early May sometime the Mayfly hatch comes up and it's usually HUGE. If you're not "on the hatch" with a good Nymph then you might even get skunked some days. At around the same time the chironomid hatch is tapering off but still produces fish on pupa.

By early June the hatches taper and the water warms excessively most years, so the lake should be left alone as it has no thermocline for the fish to retreat to and recover after hooking.

In Mid September the Mayflys power up again and though smaller in size the hatch can be prolific. I had great 30 fish plus days for around 2 weeks. Generally there will be an alga bloom that ends this action. Then later in early October the final chironomid hatch comes up strong and lasts into mid November. The "hatch" from there to season close is Bloodworms. Good fishin......stay "on the hatch."

East Fork

Wow. It sounds like you have it wired. And what size on what hook might these blood worms be imitated?
Fish till ya drop.Then suck it up and fish the evening hatch.

The rule of thumb for Lenore is "North end in Spring and South end in Fall." But the North end in spring is the most important. In fall there are fish scattered all over the lake. Some of my Fav spots are not even near a shoreline or shoal,but this may be an unusual year as the water is down enuff to chase the fish to deeper mid lake waters.