Lone Lk

Dave Boyle

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Managed to get up to Lone for the first time since April . A lot of green crap on the surface everywhere and the visibility was poor. V. few fish moving on top, one every 20 min or so, dragged a olive/black w/bugger and had some good fishing from ~2-3 in the afternoon and ended up with enough to make me smile. Mostly caught the plants that've grown on thru the summer. Biggest went ~15-16in. interstinlg the fish were v. meek and I didn't have a thermometer but maybe the waters still a bit warm, I'd held off going till now since I didn't want to stress fish. I had one fiesty fish that pulled off some line off the reel a few times before becoming an LDR and i've no idea of it's size but the rest could be simply dragged to the boat (on a 3 wt) for a fast release . Tried buzzers in a few places I know but nothing happening and truthfully I get so bored with that style of sitting looking at a float that I give up if things are working pretty quickly. Anyway, great to be out and no rain was a bonus but in my view the fish there are not yet worth catching. I'll post my next report in the Spring.