First Steelhead

After reading your post about Steelheading and hitting the Wenatchee, I thought I should give it a try Monday. Mostly drove around and got familiar with the river again (lived in Cashmere about 35 years ago), but I did fish about 3 hours. Got lucky my first time out, although a smaller wild one. Thanks to Gary Thompson with input on the river, also to Red's for last minute info on flys, etc.


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that looks like a cutthroat to me, with all the spots below the lateral line and no pronounced red line like a summer fish should have by now. but it is a dang nice cutty if thats what it is!......... and good job on the steelhead if im wrong.


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You had to tell him, sorry Rev damn great fish any where,,, go to Jason at the evening hatch they will give you the bug to catch our query!
Wow really – it fought like crazy! Never though about it being a Cut. The only other cut that big I have caught had a lot more red on the body. I guess I don’t know my fish. Needless to say I was a little jazzed when it hit, I wasn’t expecting anything. Well, how do you guys like my second 20” cut, looks like a male.