Swap Rezzy Coho and SRC shrimp pattern swap


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Is this to be a mail in or a face to face swap? I think I missed that somewhere. I tied mine up this past weekend since the weather was so bad.
the weather broke just long enough for me

although this was on one of my flat wings not my new shrimp pattern

looks like we are doing a face to face Steve


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Wow! I'm half completed with my "Hood Canal Orange Crush" (HCOC) shrimp.

If we do a face to face, Gig Harbor, Tacoma is fine with me. Seems Tacoma is somewhat halfway for eastside or westside for travel.... :hmmm:
Given my work schedule this time of year, I won't be able to make a face-to-face but I'll have mine to Kelvin before the deadline.

I'm doing a simplified and slightly flashy General Practitioner variant I call the Intern. It worked very well for Rezzies last season with a slow twitch in calmer waters when they were spooky.

My place would probably not be a good choice in the winter. The house is currently occupied and too small, anyway. Outside is probably going to be colder that heck at this time of year. Never fear, however. I'm planning another face to face there next summer when the weather is good and there might be some fish below. I'm game for any other place though. The Tides would be okay or some other local watering hole around the Sound is okay, too.