Only in Montana. Or maybe Idaho.

Upton O

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I would love to see the video of the guys loading that beast into the Jeep. If there were more than two guys involved and any beer in the area it would have produced at least one fist fight.
Many times they're strapped down on the hood. Growing up in NE Wa, used to go by the tavern parking lot each night in hunting season to see how everyone did -- most were strapped down to the hoods, many times with a wide open truck bed in back. Funny stuff.
No respect!!!
That bull should have been skinned, quartered, with head mounted on hood.
Unless it's really, really cold that meat will taste like shit.


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It happens here too! I once saw two guys put two cow elk in a small compact size blazer... even with the legs off it was quite a sight.... and load! The blazer was pretty much bottomed out.. I had to chuckle when one of the dudes said it was his girlfriends rig.

Rick Todd

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Living here in politically correct Bellingham (and the rest of Western WA for that matter) it is kind of a cultural shock when I get over the hump into eastern WA and then ID and MT. I love that people can display their trophy without having some PETA go off on them! Rick
Gary kind of my thought to but maybe they did not have far to go. The photo only says part of the story.
To be fair the Elk might be already bleed, gutted and have ice in the cavity and they are just moving it to camp to do the rest. Heck being at the store they may be loading up on ice already.
Always hated seeing deer and Elk on the hot engine hood getting covered in insects and getting to warm from the engine heat. Good way to ruin good meat.
Love to get a big one like that. It would fill my freezer well for the winter.


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Living here in politically correct Bellingham (and the rest of Western WA for that matter)
You could just spend more time in Skidrow Woolley or up the Skagit river valley. The last remaining bit of right wing (in)sanity left in western Washington. The Skagit elk arn't quite that big but I did see a couple of guys with one loaded up in a 14 footish boat ferrying it across the river and it look a little on the "we should have thought this thru a little better" side. They made it but I wasn't sure they would.
These photos remind me of the man show prank from a few years back.

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