Chico Creek


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I was there yesterday from about 1:00 to dark, and this morning from around 7:30-9:30.

The conditions were difficult yesterday - lots of wind and wave action stirring up sediment, very few fish caught despite the water literally being flayed into submission by something like 20 fishermen. I'd guess that 100 hours of casting resulted in maybe 5-6 fish being brought to shore.

Conditions were far better this morning, but very, very little success relative to all of the effort. Saw fly-guys get two fish on while I was there, and one hook-up/landing (maybe) while I was walking out.

Threw the kitchen sink at them and cast my arm out. Every color in the spectrum, weighted/unweighted, steady-strip to nearly dead-slow crawl. Even went to the ace in the hole - a pretty dead-on rendition of "The Precious" with the requisite peacock breast feathers - with a variety of retrieves that went straight through schools of fish. Nothing.

There were lots of oldsters out yesterday that presumable have at least a score of chum experience under their belts, and maybe one or two of them had more than one fish to show for their efforts. Most had none.

I'll plan on putting in another valiant effort next week, but for now there doesn't seem to be much in the way of feeding activity.

I'd say go there anyway, since at the very least your presence will push the dedicated practitioners of the Kitsap Snag-Stroke away from the schools of fish.

Also - might be worth keeping tabs on the land dispute there, since it sounds like the erstwhile shelfish magnate will probably eliminate wading access at the very least, which'd be bad news for anyone who doesn't own a boat or a lifetime supply of bottle rockets to get their line out to the fish at anything but maximum tide.
Gee Jay where were you standing. I hooked up 4 between 3 and 4 pm. Not a snagger in the bunch. Agree about the wind. By 3:30 the wind was dying down and casting became easier. Of course between 11 and 3 pickings were really slim.

Mark and Jay: Perhaps I ran into one or both of you this morning. My buddy and I were both there until about 11:30am. Said buddy was the only (legitimately caught) landed fish I saw all morning. I hooked up to a hot, pissed off fish that broke me off. I've been out twice now with nothing to show for it. Things have definitely been tough


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I was on the river left side on the flats there - looked like most of the fish were on the flats on the right, but there had to be at least a dozen guys in a fairly tight semi-circle casting over there from really well staked out positions, so I decided I that I'd rather cross my fingers and hope that some fish would shift over to my side than try to elbow my way in. Congrats on all of the hook-ups - must have felt good to have the secret formula.

I'm sure that there were some hook-ups that I didn't notice on both days, but on the whole they looked pretty rare relative to all of the extremely concentrated casting effort going on.

This morning I saw one guy casting from a boat hook up, one guy wading hook-up as well, the gear guy next to me foul hook one or two (that he handled gently and released without removing them from the water - astonishing), and one guy with a fish on in the main channel where I left. Hopefully things improved for everyone later in the day.

Anyhow - I'm sure there were more fish caught than I realize, but the number of strikes has been mighty low - particularly relative to all of the pre-season talk dissing the fish for being easy quarry. The "lowly" chum is proving to be more than a match for me so far.
Jay, I have had a similar experience this year. I've only been out a few times, but in other years the fish have been a bit more "bitey". I was thinking it was just me, but it sounds like it might not be.


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Its nice that A and K Shellfish provided a crapper at
that location. Those things are not cheap to rent and
at least an effort was made. I'm glad you didn't give a
report on this secret location. We don't want anyone
finding out about that place.

It's ok Dave. Now rather than the 40-50 cars there at a time, it will jump to 100-125. Who cares... Some guys just don't get it. :beathead:
What is there to get dryflylarry? I don't think you get it? The porta pota being in a bad location is what I was trying to point out. But some of you still want to be on your high horse and bitch and whine cause I didn't give you poor babies a report. I figured more people would be interested in the bad placememt of the outhouse. Have you been down there yourself dryflylarry and seen where it is placed? How about the rest of you complaining, have you been since mon.? IF not then you have no idea what I am talking about. You can't really make a comment yet. As far as you report whiners-drive your ass to creek and see for yourself! Like most of us do...

I've never been to Chico crk, I'll agree it no secret. Now, rather than bitching and crying about it here. You call out and slam a couple of organizations that are trying to help. I get it you have good intentions.

Did you think of trying to let them know, "hey the shit house company left the box in a bad spot. You might want to have them move it". Again, I don't know the lay of the land there but its a thought, make a suggestion of where they should put it.


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Just a thought, but if the location presents a potential contamination issue, try contacting Dept of Ecology. They may be able to put some pressure on getting it put in a better spot.

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I worked with the Dept. of Eco this summer and I would agree about them being a good source of people to do something about it. As far as keeping Chico a secret, I went there for my first time last week...Im not sure if I'll be back.