14' 6" t2h 8wt as winter rod?

I was wondering what you guys thought of this as a skagit rod? Yes, I know normally I should be using something in the 12.5-13.5ft range, but theres a good deal on this rod and I need a new rod. I cant get out and cast this anywere so thats a big problem, so I have to go soundly based on reccomendations. Even if I dont get this rod I just want to know what this rod is like. Maybe if somebody has casted both then they can compare it to a z-axis, an 8wt of any length. They both have the same action so maybe they are very similar.

Thanks in advance,

Ed Call

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Arthur, what is your current rod? Are you sure you need another and that your current rod can't tame winter flows and fish?
The most important thing you will have to take into consideration is the length of the rod. You will definitely want a cheater. Most of the lines are designed to work straight out of the box with shorter rods. The only thing that may work without a cheater is the Airflo NW Skagit.
Mumbles, my rod right now is strictly a summer rod, trust me. Its a 5-6wt deer creek. I mean if i really wanted to then i could target them with it but i dont think its gonna work out all that great.

Ed Call

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Agreed Arthur, undergunned with a 5/6. Sorry I've got no input on the rod in question, what does your wallet say?

Ed Call

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I don't know squat, but you might consider the TFO Deer Creek two handers. I have a 13'6" 8/9 that makes me look like I know what I'm doing. I'm sure a shop near you and casting clave on Saturday and/or Sunday would have many available for you to demo from the try rack. You could probably try the TFO, designed by Mike Kinney, while being watched and instructed by...Mike Kinney.
Ya, i kinda wanna try something knew. Ive casted just about every modlle of the deer creeks several times and really liked them, but i need excitment in my life! i guess i could get a used z-axis wich i know is good....

Ed Call

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Best of luck to you. Like I said I don't know squat, but if you've cast them and really liked them it seems you could get a brand new one and a reel for your budget...or a used one a reel and a line. Shop your dollars and make yourself happy.

stewart dee

A long line rod. If you can operate a two hander like Mike K. than it could work with a custom Skagit long no compact there. Most applications on gravel bars this winter you are dialed with a long line or a Skagit long. You can do it.. Fishing smart is better than fishing hard. Guys back in the day could catch them on glass with cheesedick line. Its all in your head.

Red Shed

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Winter or summer we think the T2H 14'6"-8wt with a midhead line is an excellent choice over here on the Clearwater. As a skaj rod @ $500.00 for your area, I would pass. There are much better deals out there.

If your still in school you could get a 10% student discount from the Red Shed and buy a Sage VT2 7130-4 for $504.00 shipped.

For some excitement get a girl friend.


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I would tell you to buy the echo over the deer creek...much better in my opinion...and look better..and you can use the $$ you save to put into a reel and line
i 2nd the echo. great rod for the money. Friend of mine has one and loves it, and i casted it and its nice. But i'd still never go to one as i've got a custom beulah classic 13'6 8/9. The echo's will seem soft, and the are, they're good starter rods which let u feel the rod load and have a larger window for your forward stroke. As u get better u'll go to a faster rod.