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Hey folks,
How much time do you folks think is fair for tying up 10-12 flies for a swap. I have seen 8 weeks listed recently and I know it is holiday season coming up, so I would expect folks would want a bit more time to complete a swap. So I am just here fishing for suggestions before I think about starting one up.

Kent Lufkin

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I've hosted a number of swaps and your question is a good one. Was me, I'd allow less time, not more.

Here's why: Any group of people will have at least one procrastinator, so the longer it is until the deadline, the more likely it is that person will put off tying his flies. If they put it off, the more likely it is they'll forget about it. One way or another, you're gonna either be hounding the procrastinator to get his flies in by the deadline, or figuring out what to tell the people who did get their flies in on time why you don't have the procrastinator's entries in hand yet.

I tend to overcommunicate and stay on the slow folks as I don't think it's fair to punish the people who follow the rules. I bumped a guy from a swap a couple years ago who signed up but then never responded until a couple days before the deadline to tell me he needed a few more weeks.

Was me, I'd wait until after the holidays as they can be a major distraction. Once the holidays are past, then it's easier for folks to focus on less urgent stuff like tying flies.

My 3ยข worth,

in swaps that i run, i give 30 days to tie 12 flies and i specify a due date. any flies that are received after the due date gets returned to the swapper with no swap flies. as Kent said its unfair to punish those who follow the rules.

if you cant tie 12 flies in 30 days you shouldn't sign up for the swap.


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I'd give about a month also and wait until after the holidays for the deadline.
Postal deliveries can get pretty messed up during the next few weeks.
Less time is best. I just started one on another board and gave everyone a drop dead date of the end of January due to holidays. I figure folks might be able to get a bunch done between Christmas and New Years...but for those that can't it buys some time.