Collector's item: WFF Window Sticker for charity

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Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
I have one of the last (I think) of these ever produced...bought it in 2007 and never put it on my rig. For the uninitiated, the stickers are a die cut vinyl reproduction of the WFF logo as seen at the top of this page. The color is silver and it measures 8" x 3". Chris spared no expense having these made - they're very high quality. And now it can be yours, for a price.

This is a fundraiser...and this is how it works:

I'm looking for the highest bid up to $25.

The bidding shall close on Tuesday, November 17th at midnight.

I will match the winning bid, and the entire amount will be donated to the organization of your choosing. It can be a fishing/conservation group or any other charitable org unless that group is PETA. I send you the sticker.

Come on, you know you want this.

Note: the image is obscured in the photo due to the protective backing on the sticker.

Ed Call

Well-Known Member
Excellent idea Itchy. I've got one in white and another in black on my rig. Covers just about all lighting conditions. I saw a HUGE one on MicroBrew's pontoon boat. I want a HUGE one like that. Isn't it always about sticker size envy?

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
Dang, Gatorator- way to step up! I would have put the ceiling higher but was afraid someone would bid that high and I'd have to match it ; )

Good man. Send me a PM with your address.

What I would like to do, in order to keep this fun going for a while, is have people submit ideas for a good organization for me to send this to.

I'll bid $25.00. You pick the charity since you are donating the sticker and the matching funds.

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
Too rich for my blood, Mark. Sorry.;) Already sold to Gatorator.

But you gave me another idea...if you guys are willing to pledge why don't we keep the pledges going and we all donate to the same cause, perhaps in the name of Washington Fly Fishing Dot Com?

Mumbles had two good suggestions in the CCA and Wild Steelhead Coalition.

Too Late for $30.00 ....? :(

Mark Moore

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I thought so, but I had to try.

If any body else has a sticker or hat I will do the same thing Itchy has suggested even if you don't want to match the pledge.

Itchy Dog

Some call me Kirk Werner
Cool. We have $75 slated for the CCA so far.

If anyone else wants to join in the fun, here's the drill:

Send all checks made payable to the CCA to me. I will compile them and send to the CCA in the honor of (PM me for my address)

This pledge drive will last through Tuesday Nov 17th. After that you can obviously donate on your own if you want to.
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