Water Master Grizzly oar length

For all you WM owners, I just bought a used Grizzly (7'10") and it's in need of a new set of oars. I fish mostly still waters and was wondering as to what length oars you like with yours or would buy if you had to replace the originals. I do plan on giving the Yak a try if that makes any difference.

Mike -- I too bought a used Grizzly several months ago. I gusess my raft is about 10 years old. My came with a set of oars that I consider pretty light weight. On my first trip (a float down the Methow) at the end of the day I had about 65% of the original oar blade on both oars. The tips broke as I rowed thru rapids.

You will find posts on this site that recommend "upgraded" oars. I am not certain what that means, but when I got back from the Methow I called Big Sky Inflatables in Missoula and they told me their new oars are more stout. I don't have them yet so I can't tell you how they are different. They told me they no longer sell the lighter weight oars nor do they stock the replacement parts for them.

I did check the Cataract Oar site and they will make you a special set for a WM. But their oars are pretty pricey. So I bought the new improved oars from Big Sky.
I have both the lightweight and upgraded Carlisle oars for my WM. I used the lightweights on lakes without problems and the heavy duty oars anytime I float rivers.

BSI now stocks Caviness oars but I haven't seen them first hand. As far as length goes, ask BSI what they recommend for your boat.

I watched my buddy snap his factory oars on the second float (river) with his WM(he was sure glad that I packed the extra pair that day). I have a Kodiak with two sets of Caviness Oars. One set is 5 feet the other is 5.5 feet. The raft responds better with the 5.5 feet oars, and my hands are a little closer together when rowing. Plus you can get more power out of the upgraded oars
Ok all you WM users. Which oar maker do you recommend and why.

So far this thread has four posts and we have heard about five different oars. Old WM oars, the newer WM oars, and Carlisle, Cataract, and Caviness oars. If you have experience with two or more of these oars, please chime in.

Also, do you take an extra oar or set of oars on your river floats?

Chris Scoones

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Had Carlisle's on the gear program WM's until the rafts were stolen. The replaced rafts came with the Caviness upgrades.

Get the Carlisle oars if you can. May require you drill them yourself but it would be worth an extra price or effort. The Caviness oars are more prone to damage if you're not careful assembling / breaking down, and more importantly they seam to be more prone to breaking outright. I've had to replace two sets of them since the stolen WM's out of the gear program were replaced. Never broke, that I can recall, one of the Carlisle's.

Now, that's newbies on the sticks testing / using the rafts, but they seam to be pretty good at finding what will stand up and what won't. That said, most any lightweight oar will bust if stuck between rocks in flow, given the right conditions.

Thanks for all the info on oars guys. I feel for my use the improved WM should do me fine but I'll check how much more the Carsile upgrade woud be.

If you want a fine set of oars that will last longer than you do... get a set of Cataract Mini-Mag oars. They come in size's from 6' up to 7-1/2'. I love mine!


The Cataract Mini-Mag oars look interesting. Anybody out there using them with the Grizzly? I'm wavering between the 6 and 6 1/2' models.