Cranberry River WV, Savage River MD fall trip

Went camping with my brother the first week of october in the Monongahela Nat Forest in WV. it was a real nice spot, pretty secluded by east coast standards. we hiked alot, fished some and enjoyed the scenery. The fish were mostly smaller browns. we also stopped at Savage River in western MD for a few nights. That was a really nice spot too. enjoy the pics.


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Thanks for the pics
Spent many years fishing those waters in VA, WV and MD. Surprisingly beautiful area for being close to large population centers. Always saw at least one bear when I fished those rivers


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Wow great pics, the red on those browns is amazingly bright. The fish look like brown brookies hybrids.Lucky you, thanks for sharing.
Beautiful pictures. My son, dad, and two brothers have a trip planned for June. Where did you get your pretrip fishing info from? There does not seem to be a fly shop in the Cranberry area.

What size rod do you recommend?