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Trevor Thorp

Happy to be home in the NW
I have always enjoyed collecting all kinds of gift wrap and ribbon material during the holidays that could be used to tie flies. The idea is to create a fly or maybe two (see how many people are interested) that incorporates some kind of material, or multiple materials, obtained during the holidays. This is not a "create a holiday fly" thing. The flies should be legitimately fishable flies that imitate something, not made to look like an angel, tree, or snowman.

There will be a face to face meeting although not everyone is required to attend. Those who can not make it can send their flies.

I am thinking of maybe adding some kind of prize for the person that can make the most original, fishable fly incorporating the most holiday materials. The winning pattern could be decided by the people that attend the face to face meeting.

The deadline will be sometime at the beginning of Feb.

1. Daconil
2. Steve Saville
3. Banzai
4. Chris Johnson
5. Mumbles
6. NomDeTrout
7. Richard Torres

Ed Call

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Way to call me out man. bawling: I've been pondering this. My hangup, actually, my one hangup of thousands, is that I'm not sure I've got any ribbon or wrap materials suitable. I do have some ornament material that I actually have used. If you want me in you've got me. I can tie up a real slutty fly with a nice water pushing profile that can be swung well if you are interested.

To make this officially a gift wrap item I'll even use some of it to adorn some fancy presents wrapped for good little children, then I can say for sure it is used on gifts.

Man, it took you a full week to call me out...I've read this thread at least ten times in that week.:thumb:

Trevor Thorp

Happy to be home in the NW
Had to call you out. I know you read everything and I like everything I have seen you tie. The material does not have to come specifically from a gift or wrap from this year. The idea is that it is made for gifting/wrapping and is not a traditional tying material that you then incorporate into a fly.
Ed, I would love to see your gift wrapping with jungle cock eyes, animal hair, and maribou attached. They should be very interesting! The only problem will be to get the stuff back from the kids.

Ed Call

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I might try to do two. Right now I've been hacking up a nice sparkly blue bow that one of my daughters will likely realize is missing.