Merry Christmas


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Back at ya from the Black Lab crew! Got out this past weekend and hunted in the giant dust storm that was the Columbia Basin. Despite the the tough conditions, 30 mph winds and such, my one year old pup found about a dozen pheasant that were all hens. Don't think I have ever flushed that many pheasant in a row that were all hens. Poor dog would root them out of the cattails and them come out and look at me like why the hell didn't you shoot that. Freezing cold but fun! Decided to hit some quail spots so my dog would get some retrieving. She did a great job, hunted hard and found five coveys. Those quail sure move when they hit that kind of wind. Managed to scratch down 5 quail despite some horrible shooting on my part. All in all, a fun trip and very proud of the young pup!


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Never hunted with a Golden, but I'm sure they are just as awesome as a lab...with a few more briars here or there!

Libby and a successful 'put and take.'
Nice Andrew.
I took the gang for what i call a dry hunt, (meaning I'm not carrying a gun) yesterday.
We worked up a good bunch of quail and a few pheasants.

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We don't say the "S" word around our house. The noise gets real loud and the activity level to get outside is overwhelming.

Merry Christmas.