Outcast 1300 or 1400?


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Have decided to get a raft and am trying to decide between these two boats. Friends have hard boats so I want the versitility of me having a raft. Can get a good price on Outcast products only interested in these two. Havent spent much time in soft boats though. Having enough space is important and the ability to do the water that we cant do in a hard boat. Dont know if the 1300 will have plenty of space or be as stable as the 1400 or if the 1400 will be to big to get down some of the rivers.
Really interested in people that have either 13 or 14 ft boats and what their opinions about size, stability, and space are.


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I have the super duper puma (same as the 14' outcast). It holds a bit more than the 13', but can get down just about anything the 13' can. I have run it on the Salmon, Owyhee, Grande Ronde, John Day, Deschutes, Sauk, and Umpqua with excellent results, in very low water, but also higher water.