Fly Lines for Sea Run Cuts

Ed Call

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For SRC I typically carry a WF floater and a WF clear intermediate. The occasional SRC that I get to dance with have been in relatively shallow water and not tremendously far. If you have one of those lines maybe you can convince Santa to bring you a spare spool and the other type of line.

Upton O

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I echo Mumbles comment. I carry both floating and clear intermediate (SA). I've used both depending on what's happening on the water and my mood. I started with a floating since the vast majority of my SRC's were in very shallow water, near shore. I think it's also important to remember that I've only been doing this for nine months so what do I know?

Craig Schulz

Midwest transplant, but taking root nicely....
I third Mumbles comment about having both. 90% of the time I fish a intermediate sink tip. It totally depends on the water depth, fly you are fishing and what you want to do, if you are fishing poppers definately a floater, but if you want a smooth consistent depth on the strip I don't think you can beat the intermediate tip. JMHO As for the type of line check the site there are several treads about it, I personally like the Airflo 40+
It depends on where you're fishing from. Off the beach the intermediate tip of your choice is most versatile. If Santa has brought you a boat, you'll do better with something that sinks. If you're in fast current like the South Sound, a line that sinks very fast. Some guys swear by a type 8, or use a running line with a wallet of tips.