Hit the green today


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Hit the green today from 5am to about 1:30 in the evening and only got two hits but the water level was up pretty good and the clarity of the water completely sucked but i gave a good collage try today....gonna try more later in the week, was thinking about more upper green but once you get close to thos foot hills the wind just screams threw and really messes me up on my casts so until i got more time on the spey ill stick to the no wind down hear lol, but atleast today i got a lot of practice on the spey and was doing pretty well with my casts i would say so thats one good thing that come out of this lol.


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1:30 in the evening? Two hits is good. The Corps is planning a drawdown event this week, beginning tomorrow. Expect high and dirty water for a couple days.



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Oh baby..I can't wait until the "offiicial" site spell checker OMJ hits this thread..could be worth a couple of pages. Gud rpt tho chum.


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man that sucks about the whole more high dirty water.......................eh maybe it will bring in some more steel maybe.