(NFR) recall on inflatable PFD's


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This recall took place in August 2002 and the affected units were few in number and only sold during a small window. Nonetheless, good to double-check and make sure you don't have one of the 300 defective vests.
Thanks for the FYI, Steelheader 69. My vest is not a SOS.
A few weeks ago, it did pop open accidently and I was surprised with the force with which it inflated. Felt good though, like I could take on some serious seas.
If the CO2 fails, there is a manuel inflator that uses a tube with a one way valve. I like things that are done in twos. Two knots. Two braces. Two this and two that. The sea taught me this.
Bob, the Please Don't Send Me Out IN Seas Like That!:eek :eek :eek :eek :eek

Jerry Daschofsky

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Yeah, I know it's only a couple, but not a very well known recall. Plus, not sure one of the people here would want to be one of the 300 they recalled.

I will say this about my years doing swiftwater rescue. I've never seen a failed standard vest that was worn. BUT, I have seen a few inflatable vests (probably weren't auto's) that didn't function. Why I won't use inflatables.

Old Man

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Yeah Bob. Two arms,two hands,two legs,two feet,and two brain cells. And if the CO2 doesn't work You can always blow it up by mouth. Yeah,your going to blow it up when your only thinking of getting to shore and not drowning. Do you think that you could remember to do that,in a moment of panic.

Just a guy that uses one already to hold my big butt safe. I have a Sterns and it holds me up just fine.