2010 Big Brown Contest


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So this thread started back three weeks ago, and no one (except myself) has posted a picture of a brown yet? And all that belly-aching? Sheee-ite! What a bunch of meow-meows! If I knew then what I know now, I would have knocked a couple of inches of that Pass Lake brown I caught and kept it in the running. I know I'm going to jinx myself, but I'm gonna say it right now: I'm going fishing tomorrow.
As the saying goes, put a blind hog under an oak tree and sooner or later he'll find an acorn! A big thanks to Tim (Ford_Fenders) for documenting the event!

Ed Call

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I can't wait to fish pass for like an afternoon next fall and beat all of you :p
AKPM, is that some trash talking right there? Must be a Saints v Colts testosterone thing? Let's see that Big Brown Trout of yours already if it is so damn easy...when will you be in our neck of the woods? Maybe we can get a film crew ready for your show.;)


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Well I've only ever fished waters with brown trout for about 6 hours in my life, but I think I got pass lake figured out. I just didn't have the right flies last time ;)

As for making it down to America, the traveling shitshow will take place the third week of march and then september, october and november. Its gonna be a good summer, I can feel it.


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Good to see people stepping up. The fish gods could have been kinder. Last outing produced a strong LDR, either the Loch Ness Monster of browns or an otter ripped me off, and a thick, spotted 15" brown in the 11th hour.

Better luck next time. At least the trout were where I thought they were.

--Dave E.