stewart dee

I have picked up a Flip from Santa and its cool but how do you dub in custom music and chop up the film like those cool Tarpon vids from Florida. I can use the music provided and I think I can use my MP3 for custom tunes, just not real sure how to chop up the video to make it look like it has been staged over the coarse of a day all in a 3 or 5 min video. Thanks.
I'm not sure what kind of software the flip comes with, but, generally speaking the stuff that come packaged with the cameras is kind of weak. Try Roxio Creator or one of those type of third party software packages.


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Depends on how deep you want to get into editng, but the Mac's got iMovie preinstalled and it works well, and I've had good experience with Pinnacle Studio - which will cost a bit - on WinPCs. I don't think the Flip software has that capability, it's decent but simple.

stewart dee

Thanks for the help. I am using a new (1 week old Toshiba) and I think there is some good software for it.
Windows movie maker can edit the Video from a Flip Camera. I got one too and I am trying to edit using a program called VideoStudio Pro and haven't quite got it to accept the video yet. The Flip does take great video considering the price, just don't jump around and move a whole lot or it will get jittery.. I think I am going to get one of their underwater housings (36 buck on Ebay, 49.99 from filp) and take it with me when I float the Yough river here in PA. I will see what else I can find to add music.