How do you set up your nymph, indicator when using a switch rod..



Curious to see what lines you all use when doing indicator/nymph fishing with the switch or spey? I mostly swing but want to try a few bugs on the little guy...I imagine a scandi head would work fine with a mono leader....Do you tie your own for this or just use a store bought and add tippet, swivel, split ?

Also while i'm at do you tie on your droppers? saw a cool way yesterday by running the line through the fly, come back and double surgeons knot...bring it semi tight to the fly and you have one on the loop and line for a dropper..pretty cool...can put a split shot on the secondary line if you can only fish one fly...and it will tic tic tic along pulling your fly down..
i use a elixir head and a 10' floating poly on my switch when i feel the need to indy fish. i tie on 2 feet on flourocarbon tippet to the poly leader with a indicator 3 feet up from the tippet knot. I usually tie a larger point fly size 8 or 10 to the 2 feet of flouro tippet then tie 12" of flouro to the point fly's hook bend and then tie on a smaller fly( sz 12 or 14) to the end of the 12" section of tippet. the amount of split shot depends on the speed of the water i'm fishing but normally i have one size AB shot directly below a 1/2" thingamabobber (this helps aid in casting) and 4 size bb shots starting 6" above the point fly, each size bb shot spaced about 2" apart.
I use a scandi head with a long hand tied leader. I typically do not use shot as my flies are tied with wire and not thread. I only use the indicator about half the time. A thingamabober or a large corkie pegged to the leader will work well. As far as setting up a dropper I tie a palomar knot and leave the tag end long to tie on another fly.

Good luck!!!

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I take the leader, indicator and all the lead and wind it into a ball. I then pour gasoline on it and light it on fire in the backyard. I am aware that was not helpful, but it is truthful.

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Rather than messing with lines that are meant to be swung with, I use Rio's Salmon/Steelhead taper fly line. On my 10'6" 7wt Beulah I use a 10wt Salmon/Steelhead line. That line will turn over a brick and we regularly shoot line with our roll casts. Cutting my teeth on Oregon coastal waters, we drifted flies a lot. Now that I'm up here, though, the two-hander is getting a lot of use! It just depends on what type of water your fishing and what your personal preference is...

Charles Craumer

i start with a centerpin... then a float then shot .... then roe or beads. usually does just the trick


So chuck if that's how you fish for trout then why are you on a fly website?

I'm sure all of you only use dry flies as well...god forbid you ever use a chironomid... and I'm sure you only swing on the Yak and have some long days..So burn your balls.....of line and bust out your pins...

A spey rod or switch is still a flyrod...there are multiple ways to cast and fish them..swinging size 14-16+ bugs just doesn't do jack shit..under an indicator?

Thanks though...

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Don't get you paties all up in a bunch. I'm just having some fun here.

In truth, I really don't do a whole lot of trout fishing. The trout fishing I do, does not require any lead. I don't nymph at all. I'd rather drink beer on the bank than nymph.

I have started to fish with gear in the salt the last couple of years. It can be fun between pulling up crab pots. I may try to chase silvers this year with the single hander.

I see my smartass respose got you one helpful post. I'd do what jmwfish224 does.

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I've got a Sage 8110 and use the Sage Indicator Taper line, works great casting heavy nymph rigs. Leader can be store bought, home built or straight 10-15lb Maxima UltraGreen. If I'm fishing a bobber, I'll usually use a thingamabobber.

im a dirt bag and indicators, beads, yarnies, jigs, and worms have a place right beside my intruders, string leeches, gay wings and skaters. im a fishermen first and i havent caught near enough fish to limit my approach to catching them. certain water just plain ol needs a bobber ran through it. and im the man for the job. couple things:

1) nymph taper lines overlined work. they roll cast great and turn over bobbers and shot and mend really well. but they do not spey cast.
2) scandi heads spey cast, but not the big rigs. you dont fish scandi's with t14 and intruders. what makes you think it works with 4 BB split shot and 2 nymphs. id love to see it look pretty.
3) skagit heads dont work, too stiff for the finesse required to mend.

hmmmm...... one solution is to wait for the airflo speydicator line which is tailor made for the cause. spey casts all that junk, low stretch for actually setting on an 80' drift and has a rad name.

another which i stole from mr matney last winter requires some splicing but it works really well! i'll pm you the recipe.

having said all that i prefer to nymph a single hander at this point. most of the time im nymphing is from a boat where a switch rod is impractical, and would be become heavy and obnoxious doing it all day. most wade nymphing i do is done within 30' (mostly less) of me and then run downtream. and with my 896 XP (also have a 796 RPL for summers) i can control and run a money drift as far downtream of me as i feel like once i get the drift setup. its light in hand and my shoulder still works after doing it for hours. switch and spey rods extend the possibilities by allowing you to be able to mend and control a bobber further out from you and actually get a good hookset when that bobber goes down waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay below you.

i like nymphing. it catches fish, is challenging (if you think nymphin is brainless easy you cant nymph) and has a set of conditions where it dominates. but for me there is a point where it isnt fun anymore and id rather move on and find different water. and water that requires nymphing a 2 hander is that point for me. but im buying a speydicator when it drops. just to see if it changes my mind!


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Get a Sage indicator taper. Best nymph line out there and designed for a switch rod. They are $30 on sierra trading post.

The Speydicator needs a lot of work... I was really disappointed with the 6 and 8 weight demos. Hopefully they redesign the rear taper.