Sage XI2, Ross Canyon 3, LL Bean Gear Bag Stolen


Dad, Angler, Guide
I'm heartbroken as I write this, but hopefully someone can help or learn from my mistake here.

I got home from Montana with my new RO drift boat late last night and rather than taking the time to unhook the boat and wheel it back into the garage I drove in and closed the garage door down to the trailer hitch.

Someone snuck in under the door and snagged a bunch of my gear. The Sage 8 weight XI2 and the Ross Canyon reel will be missed, but the LLBean gear bag, packed to the hilt with flies, tippet, tools etc., from 10 years of guiding is irreplaceable.

Word to the wise, close your garage doors and be careful out there. People may be getting more desperate to survive as our troubled economy continues.

Please email or respond here with any input and keep an eye out for my rod and reel (personalized with the name David B. Child on it) and my LLBean gear bag. Thanks, David


Dad, Angler, Guide
Yellowlab, thanks for the note. We've met, right, a few years ago I think? Did you end up finding a drift boat? Tight Lines, David


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Yes, we did, got a deal on a used Clack. That boat is long gone, but sounds like the RO's are nice, Im sure you enjoy yours. I believe in what comes around goes around. Keep you chin up and your smile on.