Scadden Big Horn Drifter 13' Two-Man Pontoon Boat

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The boat is sold. Thanks for looking!

For sale is a Dave Scadden Big Horn Drifter with 13' bladderless pontoons, full storage bags all the way around and 8' breakdown oars. The boat is in great shape and will give many years of pleasurable service. It weighs 90 lbs and is easy to handle for one man...a piece of cake for two.

Casting platforms and stand, two anchors (pyramid and cylinder), rear storage platform and powder-coated frame that converts to one-man configuration if desired. This beauty (sorry, my camera is dead) is ready to run up to Class V and take you and a buddy fishing on all the big rivers.

This is a $3,200 boat, yours for $1,400 via PayPal (no fees), cash or certified check. I am a member in good standing on Clark's Classic Fly Rod Forum with several successful transactions and satisfied buyers. Many folks there can vouch for my credibility.

If you're local, you're welcome to come by and take a look.

Please respond to: seattlesetters (at) gmail (dot) com

Will ship anywhere, as long as buyer pays actual shipping charges.

I'll also drive as far south as Eugene and as far east as Couer d'Alene or as far SE as the Tri-Cities for the cost of gas money. This would probably be cheaper for someone considering shipping the boat if they are within a few hours of these destinations. The boat will need to be paid for in advance if I do this, though.


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I'm mostly curious, but what about the factory warranty? Is the warranty still intact, if you sell the pontoon?
I'd really like to buy one, and I'm looking pretty hard at the scadden skykomish sunrise st.
I'm not working because I have a disability, I can still get around some, but I'm not sure if I can deal with the 90 lb weight of a two-man pontoon.
(This is where the "rubber meets the road" for my uses.) Definitely need to upgrade the single wheel to a double, with a space in between.
I do have a Gunnison float tube that I've used the heck out of, over a fifteen year timespan, including a 9.38 mile (my own "Gilligan" adventure), trip on the Iroquois River in Indiana. (September-2004)
But I need to purchase a new bladder set for it, so I'm considering upgrading to a pontoon, so that I'm higher & more or less out of the water.


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Did you have any luck selling this? I just picked up a new Clack (fishing bench) and now I have to part with my McKenzie Drifter. I was just wondering how you made out.

My best

Tim Wudi


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Not trying to hi-jack your thread, but I'm wondering if there is a difference between the McknZ Drifter, and the Big Horn toDrifter as far total weight goes?
Are they really both the same? Are they both made with the Ferrari cloth?
Etc., etc.

And I'm also wondering what is the bottom line that either one of you guys would accept as far as payment in full, because I am looking to buy a pontoon this spring.
The Big Q for me now is "how much toon can I afford"?
I've been looking really hard, (and kicking myself you know where), @ the McKnZ Drifter.
Not buying it when I had the opportunity to afford to do so from Cabela's.
I just don't have $1400 that Seattlesetters is asking for, the main reason I had not placed a bid on it.
Hey! Ya never know till ya ask, right?
This boat (the Big Horn Drifter) is a different boat from the McKenzie. The Big Horn has bladderless pontoons as opposed to urethane, a lifetime transferable warranty and a capacity of 1,000 lbs. The bladderless pontoons make it a more expensive boat, as does the lifetime warranty.

It weighs approxiamtely the same. The price is $1,400, which is a steal for superior pontoons on this type of boat. Take a look at the price differences between bladderless, lifetime warranty boats on Scadden's sight and the urethane, 15-year boats. Bladderless are at least 30% higher, sometimes more.

If you want to make an offer, I'll listen. I'd even consider payment plans, as long as the terms are relatively short and the boat remains in my possession until the final payment is received. I'd require the bulk of the price down, however.


Just waiting on warmer weather, .......
Sorry, but I just don't have $1400 that Seattlesetters is asking for, and shoot I know it's a heckuva great deal, but I'm still $400 short,
and don't have the money to ship it to Indiana Harbor, East Chgo. Indiana. So I guess it'll find a good home w/someone else.
Thanks for letting me ask.

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