What's your meat stick for steelhead ?

Leroy Laviolet

Aint no nookie like chinookie
Similar but different question-
So, when the shit is down, windy, long, short , pooring rain, cold nasty, big sink tips, floating tips ... Whatever conditions are thrown at you, what rod do you grab that you have the confidence in to perform under adverse conditions... Not necessarily your favorite :hmmm: But the one you can count on when the chips are on the table so to speak ... Maybe the same rod for some, but not for others I bet.
Easy for me-
CND Salmo Salar - No brainer-:thumb:

Ed Call

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Dude, you need to go fishing. I'm too new to really know but if winter harshness arrives and I'm fishing in it I'll be casting the 8129 Z because so far almost anything I've tried with it has worked. It has to be in the rod because there is no talent in the caster.

Leroy Laviolet

Aint no nookie like chinookie
You are right Ed, my season is over and I'm going through steel header postpartum depression !
A viable question if you are a true gear Ho tho !


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I've been fishing with a ZAxis 7136 and Beulah 7/8 Classic...and I must say...the Beulah has been treating me well, moreso than the Zaxis.
I'd have to say my z axis 8129. I can up the grains on the skagit if it's windy, cast it under trees, change my casting stroke, and it still seems to get the line out. It can be a bit of a broom stick, but it will take all that you throw at it. There doesn't seem to be an end to the power, just my technique.
My choice for a ''meat stick'' would be the Loomis Dredger 13'4'' 7/8.In nasty windy weather I find I dont have any probs throwing heavy tips and big fleas.In regards to other thread...one stick,well that would be something else!!