Fiberglass creek rod

I also bought the 6'6 and the 8' Eagle Claws. What a great bargain!
It' funny that I like the inexpensive Eagle Claw.....I have a Winston, couple of Sages and St Croix rods. I like them all, but the old Eagle Claw is just a cool little rod.

I am taking it to Montana next month and will catch a few cutts on it.

At one time, I used to spend a lot more on equipment, but now I really don't. I like the less expensive gear and don't really care if others laugh at it, as I still catch lots of fish and put that extra money toward retiring early!
My brother got Cabelas fiberglass rod in the 7 1/2 foot 5/6 but casting a Rio 4wt grand on it. For the money I believe it is the best one. He can cast just about all the line out. You did say short so they make it in a 5 and I think a 6 foot rod. I like the 7 1/2 so much I will be get one also. Good luck!
I am with my brother on this one. When I traveled back to Washington recently I saw it on the Cabelas rack with about four others. Was thinking about the 7.5 8wt for bass but picked the 6wt up. Having to drop daughter off in Oregon, I left, but returned after driving back up. Picked it up again and said why not.

As my brother said, all I had was a Rio Grand in a 4wt for my other rod, I decieded to try it. I was amazed. Loved the feel for my style of casting. Great short tight loops, was casting 20 feet out to 60 feet, even with a large 8 4xl shank stone with beadhead. After I flew home I tried it with a 6 wt Rio gold, I feel in love with it more.

For 100 bucks, great green color blank, good workmanship, loved the feel of the handle, plus a lil fighting but to a different look to it. Only one down fall was one out of five of my reels will not fit the reel seat. Oh darn only one out of five. Don't think I can bitch about that, for a reel I dont use that much anyways.

Now I am looking to get a shorter one also. So IMHO, great rod for the money, classy look and great casting rod.



Love vintage graphite!
Holy shit, oh dear! All three of those are just dripping with style points! I especially love the Paddocks with the Kineya reels...WOW!
I just bought a couple of 4 piece 2/3 weight fiberglass rod blanks that will make great backpacking/brookie rods. I'm supposed to get two more next week. These little blanks are very slow and light; ideal for the little mountain stream trout. Shoot me a pm if you want one built up; they'l be pretty cheap($85 plus actual shipping) as the blanks are seconds-p-
Arrived today and will forever remind me of the Crosby, Stills, & Nash great hit, "It's been a long time comin'"

Built on an odd 6'9 3pc Scott F60 blank with my sincere thanks to Jimmy Green, from whom I bought the blank, Larry Kenney, who was gracious enough to inspect it, tape guides to it and toss it at the GGCC with some friends and give me he expert opinion regarding shortening the length , and lastly, Mike McFarland for the final product.

Incidentally, fished rod weight is 20gr or 1.9ozs.