15' Alaskan SS

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Boat is in almost new condition with very low hours. Comes with lots of extras, 15 hp Merc 4 stroke motor and galvanized King saltwater trailer. This boat has never been beached!.
Photo's on request.
Everything is 2003 but low ,low hours $5500.00 to WFF member.
email me at longearsb@earthlink.net for photos or
Call me at 360-678-2156 to come see it.

Boat is Sold.

Richard E

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I don't have any personal relationship with Randy Diefert (the seller), but I have this model boat, but in a 14' split seat and with a Merc 25hp, and love it and feel the need to chime in . . .

This boat is a GREAT Puget Sound fly fishing boat. I have a list of buddies who want to buy mine if I ever sell it, and a name gets added to the list each time someone fishes in it. It's a boat that can easily be handled by one guy, and has very high sides. The flat floor and split seat are ideal for fly fishers, and the storage boxes come in handy to keep things out of the way to hide line grabbing items. I have a 25hp on mine, which I LOVE, and I've heard the 15 pushes the boat right along. The 15 would be better on gas and for trolling, if one wanted to do the latter.

The only thing I wish were differently about my boat . . . that it were the 15' like Randy has for sale! (size matters). The extra foot and extra few inches of additional beam width would be nice.

Here's a review that was written years ago that helped influence my purchase decision.


The review sums it up nicely; the boat is easy to own.
Boat is still for sale. A guy called me Friday and said that He wanted it, was buying it and don't sell it; He'd be here this morning at 7 AM to pick it up. He's a no show.:mad: Trouble is that 2 of you called and wanted it too and I told you that it was sold. :beathead:Well it's not. I hope that you see this post.
BTW, Motor starts on the second pull...
Sweet boat just don't use it.
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