Another Full Lot Report and Observations

Shawn Seeger

(aka. wabowhunter)
So, I was able to wrap up work and break away for the 15th year in a row, and we hit the desert lake (with the full parking lot).

Now I want to share the good and the not so good, and my opinion/view (not those of any group/organization/person) of this last week/weekend.

First, this was the most amazing weather in March any of us could remember in those 15 years. Wed-early Sunday morning there was NO wind during the day! We had wind on Wed. night, but none during the day.

Next, the fishing was good, there were bugs coming off between microscopic to size 14, and this happened pretty much all day. As others have said it would be in spurts on for an hour and off for an hour. The fish were really good shape, they were solid. They were very aggressive on the fight! It was fun hooking into them and then holding on.

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Second, I visited with several WFF members and this was good. I visited with my neighbor in the parking lot, that was one of those lucky guys that is retired and living life! He was living the plan that my buddies and I are working for and plan to do. The lucky part is that they can fish Monday-Friday and then stay off the water when the tons of people show up (probably the most crowded Saturday I have fished the lake). They either go home or just stick around camp. According to my countdown app, it is 2683 days until I am one of those lucky guys…!

Not So Good:
The warm weather has brought out some of those buzzy worms! In the rock pile in our camp! Rattler! View attachment 29845

Not So Good:
Lastly, I know that we all have different styles of fishing, favorite types of fishing (troll, anchor, combination), we all have different skill levels, and we all have different likes and dislikes. BUT, I want to point out a couple of things:

• Remember that when you are on the water your voices carry a long way, so when you are talking about your feelings, girlfriend/boyfriend or partners others can hear a long way off and probably don’t care.
• Remember that if you have radio’s that generally they have an on/off function to the stupid call received or complete BEEP. Also, unless you were a radio operator or dispatcher you don’t need to say “Over” the end of every transmission. And if you hear others close by that start doing it, it is because they are making fun of you.
• Remember that when someone starts catching fish, pretty consistent, that this doesn’t mean you should troll in and drop anchor within their casting area. Or that this isn’t the place that you start trolling back and forth right next to, across their line, where their indicator is sitting or BEHIND.
• Remember that there is entire lake full of fish and fish move.
• Remember that fly casting represent “Newton’s third law: law of reciprocal actions.” “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction,..” This means that when someone is casting 70 feet to a point in front of them that the line is also going 70 behind them! (if standard casting) So, if a person is anchored and Chironomid fishing, the fly line will be going forward and backward equal distances! So, if you decide to troll over to visit with your partner, because you want to be “Sussie Social” (even though you already heard it on the radio) that you shouldn’t and don’t have some entitlement or constitutional right to troll within the casting zone of another fisherman and expect not to get hit or that they should wait until you are out of the area!
• And lastly, remember (and I am sorry to say) that if your partner acts like a jerk and trolls over, around, or through someone’s casting or fishing area, that most likely you will be treated bad, because you are not stopping their bad behavior or haven’t educated them on their bad behavior. Sorry. But if your partner has no respect of others then most likely others, not just me, will have no respect for you.

So, if you are out on the water and see this individual/woman be warned that she doesn’t seem to care if she is intruding, interrupting, or invading your fishing area.
- EDIT -
(And at least I witnessed her bothering/harassing other fishermen other than just our group.)

I hope you all have a chance to get out on the water somewhere, and catch some great spring fishing!

Tight Lines and Cheers :beer1:


Thanks for the report. I love it when those A-6's do their fly by. One of the first things my buddy taught me was that voices carry VERY FAR over water. When I first started fishing with him he told me to keep my voice down. Then he pointed out that we could hear the person from the other end of the lake just fine. So if we're only 100 ft apart there is no need to talk at much more than a whisper.

On a side note. The dog I rescued from the Lenice parking lot a few years ago is still doing great. We found him the perfect home/match and he's been running daily with our friend.
PT, not A-6 but EA6B. A-6 retired years ago. Shawn great report and insight to the trip, you touched a great subject that happens at alot of lakes. Thanks for the report. Jim
Thanks fr the report...and reminder of proper fisherman(and woman) etiquette. Myself, My brothers, and Father will be heading over that way at the end of the month...Should be alot of fun!

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew

Sorry I didn't get the opportunity to fish when you did. I spent 2.5 great days and left as you were pulling in. Not only did we get to see the Prowlers but all got to see some mid-air refueling.

Nice snake picture! Dar be scorpions in dem rock piles too.



a.k.a. Griswald
It is funny, I have been going to Lenice a long time, but not as long as many here. (1992) I might look for another lake to start fishing. The past 2 years more folks have been fishing it. That is great for the sport, and I knwo that it gets alot of love from the Westsiders.

There are great things about it like Capt. Larry, and many good peeps. But I also like a bit of quiet on the water...and 50 boats is too many for me.

I also think you were great to diplomatically help with some of the newbs (or rude fishermen/women). I would have tried that approach first, and then not been as polite, on the second offense.

Thanks for the report. I was thinking about going this weekend or next, but now considering other "less" crowded options.


Don Davis

Formerly FlyCatcherman, formerly Don_The_Fly
Gotta watch where you step over there when the weather starts warming up. Too bad about the others on the lake.

Kent Lufkin

Remember when you could remember everything?
Hmmm, 50 other fishers on a 70 acre lake, including clueless wannabes, loudmouths and crowders. What's not to like about that?

You just saved me 5 hours behind the wheel and about $60 in gas.



Indi "Ira" Jones
I fished on Sunday and I'll admit it I'm a loud mouth. But I tend more to joke around not talk about wifes or girlfriends etc... Where I really lose my volume is when I see another persons indicator head for deep. I just can't help but say something and I also really generally still get a tad to over excited each time someone including myself catches a fish. So if you heard me on Sunday and were bothered, I apologize but I was just having fun. Now my buddy who hooked a fish and started hooting and hollering to make fun of me, I can't speak for him.

As for the fisher pictured my group knows her and she and one of her partners were honestly upset with us for some weird reason. She literally trolled right behind my buddy during one of his back casts, got hung up and turned around and showed anger at him. Really weird.

I'll post more of my fishing for the weekend on another post. Yes LENICE fished well for me but not so for everyone.

I honestly think if someone comes to a lake that is full of people and most all are in a single spot casting and stripping or indicator watching I dont think I would go into the water to troll. I have seen this at other lakes that get crowded like Leech. It is a pain as you can be minding your own bizz when all of a sudden shit what the hell are you doing right where I'm casting. ????? Really pissed me off last june at Leech. allways makes me want to have small 8" radio controlled torpedoes to eliminate the problem.