Steelhead II flies are in the mail.


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Tomorrow the flies ship out. I will try to post the pics with a different digital that has a zoom, by tomorrow. If the pics do not turn out, someone else may have to give it a whirl?? Thanks everyone as we got some awesome bugs as usual.

BOB!!! You owe me money !!! :p

CRUMP...I dont have your address?? drop me a line with the information.

Nooksack34...Im still sending them to the WA adress?? Hope your still in the state??

Thanks again everyone

~Patrick ><>
Thanks again for putting the swap together!! If you have problems taking photos just let me know and I can do it no sweat.:thumb
A damn genius, Paddy, a damn genius you are! Nice looking stuff; great tyers on this site. My wife doesn't want me to fish with them: I should mount them she says.

I owe no money, Paddy. In fact, where's my change? I think you owe me a couple a bucks plus the flies you tweaked. But then dealers always get to lighten the load of the clients a wee bit so I guess it will fly. But I bet you burned me for the two best. But I'm happy, very happy with my stuff.

What's a dozen? A dozen is whatever the dealer says it is.
Bob, the I know my rules.


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Got 'em today....Nice flies everyone! There is something for every water condition. I've never fished with a rabbit fur leach and now I have three!! :thumb :thumb :thumb My only comment is that I got one of my own flies back so I must be missing one other? Oh well, not worth messing around for one fly.
Thanks Patrick for putting it on.

Gonna try a few of these out tomorrow in the salt for some winter runs, trophy shots to follow...... :)


I got all my flies back:reallymad whats up wit dat Pat, ha im tuggin your line. i really like what i see! the bunny leech is sick- props bro! thanks Pat for the swap. always a good thing! bhudda


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Since the last package arrived so late, one tier dropped, and the holidays were upon us, I did not take the time to remove your personal tied flies from the assortment. With the one person dropping there was an extra fly and I figured I would send em back to the tiers????

~Patrick ><> the next time im not paying for bobs shipment kind of guy if he doesnt send his cash :p

EDIT: Will work on the phot upload tonight and tomorrow.


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Steelhead II fly swap- Who tied the popsicle?

Well I have no trophy shot, but here is my report as promised:

The fly swap packaged arrived just in time for a trip to Whidbey's west side. I brought with me some GPs I tied the night before (I was thinkin' that saltwater steelhead might be thinkin' shrimp...?) I got a strike and no hookup, when I brought the line in, I saw the point had been lost to the rocks! :reallymad :reallymad :reallymad After losing another GP, I tied on the popsicle from the swap (tier's name?). No less than 10 casts later and fish on! The fish struck the fly just when it hit the water, and I could see the dorsal fin slicing through the water. When I went to apply some pressure to set the hook, the 10lb tippet snapped. - No more steelhead and no more popsicle! I must have had a nick in the line because it did not break at the knot.:bawling

At the end of the day, I had three strikes and one hookup which is a good day for me. I am now one step closer to the mythical beast known as Steelhead!

Many thanks to all the tiers but especially the popsicle man. You can bet I'll have a few of those with me next time!


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Steelhead II fly swap- Who tied the popsicle?

glad to hear the popsicle worked for you. it's to bad you lost it. i have had a recent problem with my tippets breaking while fighting fish as well. damn umpqua. sag24 says the popsicle is the best fly for steelhead, but that is his dumb opinion. it is a good fly and he has caught several silvers in the last week on that fly and one today.