Swap Puget Sound Face to Face Fly Swap and Casting Gathering


east coast transplant
Would love to get in on this and make it my first WFF fly swap, if that's alright. I'll definitely be there, and am happy to bring food/beer/whatever.
There are about fifteen parking spots a half block up the hill at the school yard. No problems to bring stuff down, drop it off and then park. I may have to rent a sani-can, however as the house bathroom probably won't handle all of us.

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Mumbles should be able to give some help with that and I don't know the others. I'm just starting the class with Aaron

Ed Call

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I'm willing to share what I know. I do not know much. I'll bring a switch rod or two, single handers with airflo 40+ lines and a stripping basket or two. If we are tying I'll bring some tying stuff and a vise too.


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Leland Miyawaki said he will come after he closes the shop
so we will have him in early evening to do a casting demo
and for cigar smoking
A very special treat for all of us; Les Johnson and wife Carol have accepted an invitation to our gathering. Hopefully the weather will be great and Les' health will improve so we can all get a chance to sit and talk with them and pick up some of that wisdom. I'm thrilled as I have never had the priveledge of meeting Les and look forward to maybe getting my copy of his book autographed! Hope to see all of you there.