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It worked for me. I went to my search engine which is yahoo and typed in and it gave me a slew of things to look at. I guess that you just have to be smarter than the tools that you have to work with.

And Jaws thanks for the wonderful write up. No more info for you.:p :p :p

Also I think that I coined the dry side(Eastern Washington) and the wet side(Western Washington) Phase.


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Dang! I suppose that means I will no longer be on the receiving end of any ex-loring.

And, MajorGeek, Yes, I was confused by some of these south beach locals, because I knew the Quinaults referred to those sockeye as "blueback" also. The first time I said, "What??? There's sockeye in the North River?" the old guy I was talking to said, "No, theyr'e not sockeye, kind of like a trout or steelhead." "Searun Cutthroat, then?" I asked. He replied, "I dunno. We always just called 'em bluebacks." There are some really local locals around here!

RAOFLMAO (rolling around on floor laughing my ass off)


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HE - Hare's ear
PT - Pheasant tail
GRHE - Gold ribbed hare's ear
GRPT - Gold ribbed pheasant tail
BWO - Blue winged olive.
WB - wooley bugger.


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Good catch Sparse. I forgot the most important of the acronyms (though it's probably meaningless for you single guys):


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