What's up with Skookum boats..?

I'm looking to buy a 9' or 10' cataraft, so contacted BadCat, WaterReady, and Skookum to get a handle on their respective cats, as they seem to have the best products.

Both Shawn at BadCats and Bruce at WaterReady responded to my queries almost immediately, and were very helpful and informative.

And then there is Skookum boats. During the past two weeks I have left voicemails on 3 seperate occasions, and sent them 3 emails to their web address as well. And have yet to receive a reply by either phone or email.

So at this point it obviously will either be a Badcat or WaterReady, both fine products...
Here you go!
I am saddened to hear about Bill passing. We've been at our daughter's home for many months and just returned to the Lower 48.
Bill was a great guy to go fishing with and just pass the time with, also.
I just finished purchasing a Skookum Steelheader and dealt with Jennifer. While she has my sympathy over the passing of her father, my impression is that she's in way over her head. The OP's ignored voice/emails were exactly what I experienced. I also had some repair issues (my fault not theirs) and she offered very confusing directions about how to fix the tube (as I have come to learn, there is a right way and many wrong ways to patch a PVC tube). I hope she is going to get some help because, based on what I experienced, she will struggle to run that company.

In hindsight I thought her communication skills were odd...my questions got minimal, very brief and very superficial replies. She made me feel like I was imposing on her for asking questions. It was symptomatic of someone who has a limited grasp on the subject they are being queried on...give a quick answer and hope the person gives up and goes away.

She almost never answered the phone when I called...alway had to leave a VM and hope she'd call back- sometimes she would, but usually I'd have to call again. On one occasion she really gave me some deceiving information (as in "we've only had one ripped tube in twenty years"....c'mon, I put a hole in mine within 48 hours). She's either way inexperienced or pulling a con job...unfortunately I wasn't experienced with inflatables to know it.

I was shocked to see the way the boat was packed...the oar towers were sticking out of the box. No damage but a really amateur packing job. The boat had zero documentation on how to assemble it and how to care for it. ZERO. Not what I'd expect for a $2,000 boat. Freight was nearly $400 to Georgia...maybe that's right but it sure seems high to me.

Here's the sum total of the instructions:


I'd have to say that I got in a hurry and rushed my decision to buy from them in spite of some worrisome clues. Wish I'd slowed down and given consideration to some other boats. They get a premium price for what they are selling and the "soft side" of the product (documentation, customer service, phone support, etc.) is sorely lacking.
You have me curious how you poked a hole in a tube...?
Wish I knew how.

I had a really cobbled together trailering system and had taken the boat and trailer to a welding shop to talk about setting it up properly. As I came home the temp dropped 30 degrees, we had a violent thunderstorm, the air pressure dropped like a rock in the tubes, the straps loosened the boat started bouncing all over...and when I got home I noticed that one of the tubes was soft.

Had a small puncture in one tube. All this on day two.