Pattern Wonder Wing Caddis

Mike Lee

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Big E, that's pretty slick. So I'm guessing you fastened down the wing and just continued the tip as the hackle. ingenious. Thanks, can't wait to hear how she fishes.

Big E

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The body, which you cant see well, is a turkey biot wrapped over dubbing, then hen saddle feather from the side. This is tied in wonder wing, delta style and then some hackle tied over that. I did try some with a dubbed head but I think just a bit of thread serves the purpose. Haven't fished it yet.

Rob Ast

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Big E,

So am I reading correctly that the wonder-wing style down wing is a pheasant rump feather? Seems awfully uniform in color.

Big E

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Sorry...was thinking of something else when I typed that....its actually from a grizzly hen saddle. They are the outside feathers, not sure the correct term for them. They're brown and there was just enough on the saddle I have to find enough small feathers to tie up a dozen

Jim Corsetti

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I like the looks of that for a smooth water caddis. Well done.

The Henryville style caddis has been a smooth water caddis favorite of mine for years, great producer. I usually clip the body hackle on the henryville really short, or sometimes go without. The duck quill wings on that aren't easy for me to tie in without splitting the quills and making them look like junk. Fish don't care, but I do like aesthetics as an art form when I have the time. I'll have to give yours a shot at the vise... as I do with many patterns that I see here.

Wonder Wings-Been practising on these for a few weeks now and hope to get the knack soon as all I'm doing now is stripping my efforts back down again as they look like h--l. Anyone got any ideas as to how to simplify things a bit-or maybe I'm just not getting it right or never will!? Frustrating as the flies look nice though I hear they don't hold up to trouts teeth long.