NY Times Reviews of Underwater still and video cameras


Tropical member
interesting read! Thanks.
I always can not resist to buy those P&S cameras...I am so surprised how well they built those things nowadays... maybe it is time to retire my Optio 30. : )
As usual, I am now really confused about what pocket ready, bullet proof, water proof point and shoot to buy.

Anybody have any thoughts on Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX100 vs Panasonic Lumix DMC-TS1 ?

Mike Mc
After further reading it appears the Panasonic DMC TS2 is the updated version of the TS1. My decision is made and a TS2 will be in my pocket soon.

Craig Schulz

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I picked up a Panasonic DMC TS2 about a month ago, photos are great, video is awesome, with about 6 settings, you can shoot video you can show on a 50" flat screen and would swear it was from a much higher priced camera!

Very pleased with the purchase just get a 8GB or higher card for it if you want to shoot a lot of video, it goes fast. 4 GB card will get you about 6 minutes on HD less than 4 minutes on the highest setting.
I agree with Craig. I also brought the Panasonic DMC TS2 a few weeks ago and have taken video and stills above and under water. It has tons of modes - in fact, probably won't use most of them. So far, it's waterproof as advertised. It is also compatible with the newer SDXC cards which are super high capacity (and very expensive) cards.