New reel on the market in Norway, TOO COOL!!!!!!



Check out A Norwegian company is making this awesome reel. It is damn cool! One website I found the currency exchange rate would make the reel @ $400 or so USD. Also, if no one has found it yet, check out you may have to type this one in manually.

It is a really cool website and has just about every reel made in every country! European fly reels are wicked cool!!

Fish on, bro's!

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I'll stick with my old Pflueger Medalists which have been working great for over 50 years!

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That's a sweet reel! I really would like one, if only I could afford it! I think its funny that their mission statement is to, "develop simple, less expensive fishing reels with an exclusive design", and then they come out with a $400 dollar reel. I guess thats what happens when you try and produce a reel entirely within a developed, socialist country like Norway. Ok, enough with the economics for one day.



Yeah I hear ya, did that other link work? Just surious since I tried and it did not.

As for reels, I have a Tibor Everglades that I absolutely love. While living in Massholechusetts (chuckle) I went through every reel imagineable fishing for striped bass and I broke every single one. Finally, after a ton of overtime, I bought the Tibor and have not looked back since, simply put AWESOME!

Fish on!


Wow, that must be some world record if you are over 50 YOA and still using your original Fleuger Medalist!



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$400 is on the low end for a "quality" reel in Europe (I'm not sure what I think of this one though). Prices are regularly two to three times what we pay for gear in North America. For example, in Scotland I saw Sage spey rods for the equivalent of about $1500. That why so many British fishermen use Daiwa rods. It's almost impossible to find a rod over there that doesn't have an ugly plastic reel seat like you find on the K-mart rods here.
That it is a sweet looking reel...too bad I have to settle for my Okuma and my Teton!

That's a nogo on the other link. You're probably right spey - have to type it in.



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...or you could contact Megoff (russian aerospace engineers) and they will make you a custom titanium large arbor reel...


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Don't know one could learn much about the reel as the link to it invoke a product description in Norwegian (anybody here from Ballard)?

Not too surprising about its high cost. Norway has the dubious distinction of having the highest cost of living of any country in the world.

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Actually, I'm only 57 and I bought the reels used but they have been in service that long. They just don't wear out and if something should go wrong and you need parts then you just buy another on eBay for $25 or so. My fishing buddy, Dave, and I use them exclusively for everything.


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Actually, you can learn a lot about the reels on the site.
Just fish around the site a bit and find the link to technology and patents. There you will find a good description of the reels. In English.
This quote pretty well sums up their goals. "The basic idea of our design and development work is that "the lesser the better". There should not be a mountain of metal and cog wheels between yourself and the fish. Your knowledge and your experience should decide the success of your fishing".

I like this idea a lot.