Need two, possibly three driftboats for May 2nd on the Yakima

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
I know this is last minute. But we had a ton of last minute add ons. Thought the boats that were going to be there would cover it. Plus, I may not be able to go. So down a boat there. So as of right now, we need a minimum of two driftboats/rafts/catarafts to take soldiers down for Sunday May 2nd. I won't know until tomorrow when I speak to Cabela's if I can break away on Sunday to head up there.

So if you can, message me here. :)

Thanks so much, sorry about the last minute. It was a last minute planned thing to do after the FFF Conclave. We'll be drifting from Red's down.

Ed Call

Well-Known Member
Jerry, let me ask the house boss. I had planned on fishing the Yakima on the 30th with a couple of friends. Perhaps she'll let me do two trips or I can just get a weekend liberty chit.

Ed Call

Well-Known Member
Jerry, updated the other thread. Looks like I'm in. Load me up with details. I will likely be making a three day weekend outing.