Dutch Oven cooking for dinner tonight

Jerry Daschofsky

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Thought I'd share with some of you. Have to thank Lonnie (aka bitterroot) for two of the sides. The only thing that isn't being cooked is the steaks in DO's. Those are being cooked on my cast iron flattop. But here's what I'm doing for dinner tonight.

Trim cut new yorks and ribeyes in the super grill box.
Lonnie's baked beans in a DO
Lonnie's potatoes in a DO
Both of Lonnie's sides he did at the Hoh Down, are in a constant rotation with me now. :thumb:
fresh rolls, breaded and risen in a DO, now under coals
lastly, a pumpkin dump cake in a DO.

Here's a preview of most of the goodies. :)

Dinner sounds fantastic! How about sharing the recipes for those of us who were unable to make the Hoh down? Would really appreciate it!
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Jerry Daschofsky

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Come on down Lonnie. Still hot on the table (we're full, waiting on the pumpkin dump cake).

Dump cake and rolls

Lonnie's taters and beans

Everything plated. Hoping to have the dumpcake served in the next hour. Have vanilla icecream to put on it. :)

I'll put recipes up, gotta get the final "OK" from Lonnie on the baked beans (where were a hit, my family LOVED them, they are the best Lonnie, two thumbs up).


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I'm a good Cook, but you show me a Guy/Gal who knows how to use a Dutch Oven (as shown above) and I'll show you a DAMNED GOOD COOK!