Trout Unlimited Colorado Pontoon boat by Classic Accesories

I received this boat used, although in great condition, last fall. I have yet to use it because I'm having a problem finding an adapter to inflate one of the pontoons. I contacted the company to order a new adapter, which they sent me, but it did not fit. I called their service department to straighten things out. I found out that I have an older model of this boat, and that the newer model no longer uses the same adapter. I then ordered a new bladder, which I promptly received but the position of the valves have changed. Instead of two valves it now has only one. I really don't want to spend the money to get new bladders and covers. I guess I'm looking for suggestions on how to get around this or if you have an older adapter to one of these boats that you have hanging around. My one thought would be to take the cover with new bladder to a upholester (?) and have them try to retrofit the old cover to the new bladder that I have. Any other thoughts? Hope I explained this well enough. Thank you.

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The older Classic Accessories boats (only two years) have a larger diameter summit valve. The company should have them, odd that they don't. A pump like a k-pump will work without the adapter. Give me a couple of days, i might have a couple of the old style adapters. If i do you are welcome to have them. :thumb:
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that would be great if you have some older adapters! I will be sure to post some photos of what the valves look like tomorrow.


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There would only be a couple of reasons why a company like classic accessories would change a valve style, or location of it .
One reason is that there was a newer/cheaper version of these bladders available on the market.
Writing on behalf of my husband..........Trout Unlimited Classic Colorado Pontoon Boat purchased approximately two years ago from Classic Accessories.
He has had nothing but trouble with the right pontoon holding air. Classic Accessories provided him with a repair kit, but it continues to deflate while he is out on the lake. You can imagine how frustrating that is! Classic Accessories told him they would provide him a new bladder although the valve is in a different place. Any ideas????