Winter has come and gone

No summer runs for me until the fall , so I make do by fishing for trout on the T. For this , I`ll use either my Gary Anderson 12 foot 3 weight , or my Amundson 11 foot 3/4 . They both like a 300 grain compact scandi , or a 6 weight SA single hand skagit line . The Hardt Marquis fits both these rods very nicely , thank you . I`ll be swinging soft hackles and muddlers and stonefly nymphs .

Bliss .


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Still getting chrome winter runs Young Gun. This is the time of year just as freshet is trying to kick in that the late winters come in. Chrome, but ready to dump and run back out. This will be happening right into June. Some people think these fish are summers but unless they over winter in fresh water, they arent summers at all. Lots of the local systems have them...and no I hardly use black and blue; its so yesterday ;) ...

When you are using your pin and a float and the water is low and clear are you hucking big junk or going real small, as in a single Jenson or what ever? Same goes when you are swinging. Low and clear, go small. Its a great time to be using old school classics and way too fun a time to be hucking big junk. Save the big junk for when the vis calls for it. But each to their own and personally, I really enjoy this time of year; fresh in aggressive chromers, warm wind in the afternoons, and best of all, everyone is hitting the lakes so the rivers are enjoyable to fish again...

Lately i've been whipping up my classics with trailers on them. Octopus hooks, but i tied them close to the shank, they prevent the leverage but you can't swap them out. thats y i carry a file

Thats a nice chromer u gots there man. What amundson is that? and how big is ur JW?


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The Amundson is the 1268 and the reel is a 4'' Beaudex. Good eye.

Lately been tying Carolines etc on tubes just for shits and giggles and the obvious reasons....steelhead will eat anything..
I've been doing heron's and gp's on #4 and #2 Tiemco 7099's with 4's as trailers. Aswell as a few random hair wings that i'm just whipping together.
They have a short teal tail, crystal braid body counter wrapped with a oval wire, dubbed body, 3 spaced wraps of BEP, 1 or 2 stacked wraps of spey marabou, flash, hair wing, and sparse mallard collar. Best looking one so far is a copper braid with orange teal tail, silver wire with a natural BEP and burn orange marabou. Black seal fur dubbing. With a black wing and a pale natural mallard.