Save Our Wild Steelhead Equipment Burn In

I fear this whole thing on wild steelhead release is just going to be sat on, maybe a meeting or two, and then nothing. It's a old beaureaucratic trick--just wait them out, the'll cool off and go back to tying flies.

But while we have a little bit of momentum, why not actually do something: let's burn some equipment in a big bonfire on some river close to home and call in the press.
The fire is huge. The beer is well-chilled. The equipment is old and mostly worthless, old stuff, and should be burned anyway. But hey-if you don't go for symbolism and want the genuine thing, then throw your Sage on the fire. Fine. Wait till we've got the cameras rolling. Great idea. Sage will love it.

So we meet on a river somewhere. We build a big fire. We burn up some
:beer2 old stuff up in front of the press and we get statewide coverage for a cause that the media would like to advance probably. Save Our Wild Fish.:beer2 and have a huge amount of fun and do something positive for our sport at the same time. Am I alone here? Can I get an amen? Got an old rod or shirt for the fire?
Bob, the This Could Be Fun And Effective
For ourselves and the media, we should be in full fishing regalia and there is no reason why we can't fish a little after the press leaves. Maybe some hot shots could throw a few spey casts out in the river:smokin

Matt Burke

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Amen Brother,

I'll borrow some of Oldman's fly gear and burn it. Maybe throw in some of my spin gear I'm saving for the kids.


Old Man

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I'd also come and bring all of mattzoids gear so he can go out and but some new stuff. But with my luck you would probably hold it on the coast again and it's too damn far to go to see a bon fire.

Jim the lazy driver.
Hey Jim,

Why don't you suggest a spot that is convient for you.
Should have--
Lots of wood.
A big pool to mess around with the spey outfits and just normal rods.
Plenty of parking.
Close to town.
I'll ferry across.
You'll have nothing to bitch about.
Come up with a spot, Jim.
Bob, the I'll Go If I Can.


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alright so here's the guys bring all the "old worthless gear" (preferably expensive) to green lake. Those of you that don't have gear bring food and drink. I will bring the wood. Then.... you guys can pretend to be burning your gear to symbolize something, and actually burn the wood, while I take the gear, get a bite to eat, and we all come out on top.

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Hey Tom,ain't you in Maine right about now? At least you keep saying you are. So how you gonna hold a bonfire meeting. Besides I don't think the City Fathers will let you have a bonfire at Greenlake with out jumping thru a few hoops.


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I'm thinking on this. I know I'm slow so give me some time. Lets see,Cracker bar on the Sky,Tolt and Snoqualmie confulance(sp), Etc,Etc,Etc.


Here's a couple more,Fortson hole but wait it would have too many gear guys there. Hazel on the N/Fork, Swift Creek access on the Skagit,Howard Miller Steelhead park. Now the last place would be it as the name says it all.

Just make sure all the old equipment is burn friendly. Polluting our air with chemicals will really piss off some hippies. If not, our "burn party" may end up in a giant brawl with a bunch of patchuli smelling, dredlock having, tree huggers running around caught on fire!!

Good point, Backyard. Green Lake is out--we need moving water for the Spey fun. If no one knew except us, well, there might be a few more than just us, where we are, then the party should be ours.
There is no rush but the fire is getting colder each day that passes.
We could issue a sort of ultimatum: We want a statewide, no exceptions, complete ban on the killing of wild steelhead by (date) OR we will stage a symbolic "Equipement Burn Up." on the banks of a local river to be announced.
Thoughts here?
Bob, the Still Pluggin At It With Head Down:beathead :dunno :dunno


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Why'd ya hafta go an' ruin my fantasy old man? :p
I will be blowin back into town in just shy of two weeks!
(maybe we can meet and fish the sauk again if it isnt still puked)

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Gosh,I'm sorry. Well Matt(mattzoid) and I are going to go out to the rivers tomorrow and see if we can cast across the Skagit. Going to be beating the waters to death with our spey rods.Maybe the Sauk will clear up for us. It sure would be nice.Went to another site and got the skinny on the rivers above Rockport and they all look good.

Well if we are going to have a bon fire to vent off some frustration OK. But don't blow it all off. I am working on a rough draft outling a course of a proactive campaign and I will be sending it to Bob in a few days for his consideration and acceptance. This is HIS baby! In general terms it invloves forming a non profit corporation to attain legal recognition and access to funding that will be required to pull this thing off. There is an old song that some may remembrer and the key line was, to get this dude out of trouble, was to bring money, guns and lawyers. Well there is a lot of truth to that! What we are going to need: lawyers, CPA's, fisheries dudes and bodies! It is easy to talk the talk, it is time to walk down the walk! If we want it done WE have to go do it! No more finger pointing, no more tongue wagging, get down and do it. I will present a course of action as I perceive it and then rely on others to refine and present.
All I have to say in general; get on board or shut the F up! Lets go make a show, burn some sticks and roast some weenies, but I suggest it will be a kick start for the formation of something bigger and something proactive!

Dave Urquhart, phone # 206 433-8818, let's get it on!
"Send Lawyer's, Gun's and Money" great line from the late Warren Zevon

By the way I just remembered I have a good buddy I work with that is on a committee that gives grants to organizations like you are descibing. I will make a call and find out more info!

Grants! We do need grants. I wrote up a bunch of them for fellow teachers and they all got accepted and the money flowed. This one is a no brainer. Wild anything is hip these days. Why wouldn't something as beautiful as a wild steelhead get public support?
We don't have to do much here, guys; just get the ball rolling down the slope and gravity and snow can take it from there.
If we could get as many fishermen as we had on the O.P. we would be in business.
Bob, the Starting To Chere Up A Bit Thanks To Dave.:7