Alagnak River Float - June 6-17 We need two more fly fishers to join us

The Overlake Fly Fishing Club is having an 10 day club outing/trip to Alaska in June for big rainbows on the Alagnak River. The cost of the trip is $1500 + RT airfare to King Salmon. All floatplane, rafts, foor and camping gear is provided. We are taking a total of 9 members on the trip. We have two spots open. This is a club outing, and no one is making any money off this trip, just covering expenses. It is a fantastic trip for the money. The OFFC member coordinating it has been guiding in Alaska for 20 years. He decided to not do the commercial gig this summer but put together the outing for our members. Let me know if you have any questions. You can call me at 425 941-2149 for more information. 7 OFFC club members have already signed up, and we need a total of 9 people to break even. If the cost is the issue, call me, and we might be able to work something out. We need to fill this trip to cover the expenses.You can email me at


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Sounds like an excellent opportunity for a great but relatively inexpensive trip. I have always wanted to fish the Alagnak. If I didn't already have my three week-long trips of the year planned, I'd be all over this.
I've been on this trip with Dick and think it would be a great trip. I went up with him and 4 other guys in 05. We float planed into where the Alagnak river runs out of the lake. Weather shifted between harsh (lots of wind and rain) and idyllic (sunny, no wind... but lots of mosquitos). June is when the river opens for fishing and the bows are big, dumb and hungry. We floated down the Alagnak to the Nonvianuk. 8 days trip with several camp breaks and setups. Best trip of my life, so far. The biggest bow caught was 29 inches. I attached a couple of pictures. One is a kina crappy pic of a big bow I caught and hurredly snapped a pic of before returning it to the water (catch and release only) and the other is of part of our crew resting between casts on an island in "the braids" on the Nonvianuk.


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A bit more advance notice would sure help. I'd jump on this, but I just pulled the trigger on a trip to the Kennectok a few days earlier.