Green Lake, Seattle


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I can walk there from my place. Only fished it once, nothing, but I need to OWN that lake!!

I'd also like to know what to use to interest the carp.
A friend of mine managed to twice catch carp on a size 10 Carey Special. His rod was in a holder while he rowed his pontoon boat around real slow. Given that the rod tip was pointing upwards a bit, there was some slack in the line. I think that allowed the carp to suck in the fly.

--Dave E.
Nice. If you don't mind...What part of the lake did you fish and what did you take em on? Also, were any of those trout trips or were they just regular stockers?



Richard E

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Your standard buggers, chironomids and dries will work for the trout. Carey Specials work well too.

The best part about that lake is you never know what's going to eat your fly. I've caught browns, carp and rainbows out of there.

What Wayne said. As they do everywhere, buggers work great there. Consider what type of line you want to use, too, and when. I've caught trout there while I was dragging a lline behind the rented paddle boat.

You folks that can walk there should be telling the rest of us how to fish it. The way to learn is to wet a line . . .
I was fishing anywhere I could and not get run over by the rowers.. Honestly, I never know where I am on that lake.. Anything I put on was working, but mostly just an olive wooly bugger on a sinking line was what I used.
Great Thread! Lived in north Seattle for years as a youngster and I'd take my fly rod (holding same in my mouth no less) and swim out to the Island on the east side (?) and cast for trout. Dam, this thread has taken me back 50 years into my youth. Time to Google and see what it looks like again.

That said ... CARP??? When the heck did they get into the lake?

Edit: more about 'Green Lake":
Just went there tonight for 30 mins. and fished off the dock by the gym and got skunked. Used an olive wooley booger and had one hit. I'll be out there goal this year is to finally catch a trout from Green Lake. Only fished it 3x in 3 years.
Was driving past this morning (around 9:30 am), on the way to my union hall, and noticed rises along the Hwy 99 side. Don't know what they were, though. Still, fishing long the lily pads has been productive in the past for me.
LOL... I thought that it was just me.. But when I am going S. Hwy 99 right at the area of the lake near Beth's Cafe... I swear that I will slow down enough that I can see rises on the water. I thought I was the only one that did stuff like this. (-:


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See water and will fish. I've seen those rises off the lilly's many time while 99 soutbound.
Only fished the lake a couple times and the strikes can be strong.
East shore seemed to have the most activity, but who's a big lake.