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Updated 5/25

Hi Everyone, I have a new color for my WFF lines. This is a 2 colored line. The fist 15' (Taper section) is another color than the running line. They are $12.50 each. If interested, please send me a PM


There has been some growing interest on my lines so I wanted to have its own thread. So I can post my stock and upcoming lines that I will be having. To view the photos (colors) and specs of the lines. Please visit my Fly Line page on my website

Current Stock - All lines are $9.50 on the board. All lines also have a welded loop.

WFF - WHITE #3, #4, #5, #6, # 8
WFF - GREEN #3, #4, #5, #6, #8
WFF - YELLOW #3, #4, #5, #6, #8

WFS - BROWN #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8

WFI - DARK GREEN #3, #4, #5, #6, #8

If interested, please PM me.


Recently purchased a line from Allen for my Sage VT2. Line is more than I expected (I use RIO lines and PAY FOR THEM) Floats high, slick on the guides, loop connection is great. I just placed an order for three more today as well as a magnetic net release. I'm replacing a RIO Grande on my 5wt. These are great. Cant wait to get the new ones. Cant go wrong with anything from Allen. Justin is great to work with.

Ed Call

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Justin's lines are like ten bucks each. Why not buy a few and let us know? I know where I'll be getting my lines from as mine need replacing.
As someone who's bought $10 lines before (not from Allen), you most definitely CAN go wrong...

Having said that, I just ordered one for my seldom-used 8wt so we'll see how they are.


Allen Fly Fishing
Hi Everyone,

The purpose of the $9.50 is to get my general purpose WF and DT lines on the market and to get my name out there to those that are in the market for a line. I don't want to confuse these lines as something that is "Cheap". On my website they are listed at $14.50 and that is still to low. I raised my pricing from $9.50 to $14.50 on my site and started selling more. I will soon be placing the lines in the mid or high $20's soon. I'm not worried to much about the short term length of my business. I care more about what's happening 1, 2, or 5 years from now. My lines have been discussed on and FAOL and have received a very positive response.



Mark Speer

It's all good.....
As someone who's bought $10 lines before (not from Allen), you most definitely CAN go wrong...

Having said that, I just ordered one for my seldom-used 8wt so we'll see how they are.
"can't go wrong" = I have purchased several items from "Allen Fly Fishing" and have received some good quality products, and have no doubt the fly line will be no different.
I would like to chime in on the lines. I have been using them for almost 2 months now and could not be more pleased. I have had MANY conversations with Justin on the phone and via email. I truly believe he is doing a great service by not gouging on everything and the lines are no exception. I do not have tons of experience with the exotic lines and was a big user of the Cortland 333 and 444 series and can say I really cant tell the difference in the quality. Cannot give a fair comparison to the super exotics as I do not buy them. They also work very well on the Alpha reels justin sells :thumb: (the drag is soooo smooth) I have caught about 400 fish since starting to use them and cannot see any wear and tear yet and they cast very well ( I use primarily 6wff) As a matter of fact I am ordering some more tonight or tomorrow as I have been waiting for them to come back in stock in my weight. I look often to see what new items Justin is coming up with. I have his fly rod too and thinks its a bargain as well....My next rod will be from his offerings too.

Just my opinion, Joe

Jim Ficklin

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I just ordered a handful of his lines without reservation!
As did I . . . purchased several Alpha reels . . . delightful. I've paid far more for far less and without the congenial, excellent service. Hell, if Justin lived out here, I'd even tell him what rock I was standing on . . .
Got my lines today. I am doing a trip tomorrow and he sent them Priority Mail. Got here super fast and he had added a net release to my package!! I've fished the WF8F line some and love it. I'll report back on the intermediate line on Sunday! Couldnt be happier.
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