57 years ago today.......

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    .............I received my first fly rod for my 13th birthday. It was a TruTemper tubular steel model sold in a local hardware store along with other TruTemper products such as hoes, shovels, etc. My dad gave me the automatic fly reel off of his rod which had a well used line on it of indeterminate size. An auto repair garage in town had a tiny sporting goods section in front where I was able to purchase a few flies. They were big wet flies most commonly used behind Colorado spinners with a couple of big split shot in front for casting weight. They must have been a bear to cast since spinning reels were not yet available and casting reels had no drag or anti backlash provision.

    The flies were individually packaged in cellophane and stapled to a cardboard and cost .25 apiece. As I recall 4 different flies were on the board- a Professor, a Black Gnat, a Parmachene Belle and a McGinty Bee. I bought the first three and got ready to go fishing. At the time we lived in Damascus, Va on the bank of the confluence of Beaver Dam and Laurel creeks. The next morning with the family watching I waded across the top of the waterfall behind the house and cast the big Black Gnat into a downstream riffle. I was immediately rewarded with a gorgeous 16'' rainbow that brought smiles all around. I was hooked as much as the fish was.

    I think the rod cost around $14 in those days. I waded in a pair of black Keds and some blue jeans and used a stick to negotiate the slick falls. Today many guys go on the water with more gear than a new car cost in those days and drive to the water in rigs that cost as much as 4 three bedroom homes did back then. But few have had greater fishing thrills than I had that day catching that beautiful rainbow on the strange long rod. What a thrill!

    Keep those lines tight, Ive
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    Happy Birthday Ive-

    thanks for the recollection, I bet there's only a handful of people who can say on their first casts they landed a 16-inch bow on an east-coast Virginia stream. I'm curious did that tubular steel rod break down or was it one piece? How's fishing these days?

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    some things i remember from the 40's and 50's were in idaho the limit was 20 trout and 3 could be under 6 inches. also we had to soak the leaders in the creek for a while and some of the flies were king of the waters, queen of the waters, brown hackle peacock, grey hackle peacock and mosqiito. mike w
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    Happy Birthday Ive-
    Thanks for sharing the story with us...
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    Boot, That was a one piece rod. Truly an unwieldy beast. How's fishing? Well when I was working I fished to protect my sanity. Since I retired I have fished for recreation. So far this year I have been having so much fun that I haven't even strung up a fly rod yet. But it will be a spectacular fall color year and I hope to hit it pretty hard the last 2 months of the season. Water levels are good around here and I'm pretty sure I will be able to find some truly big fish come fall.
  6. Mr.E He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron

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    Happy Birth Day Ive!:beer2:ptyd
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    Oh to be 57 again!

    Happy B-day

  8. Mr.E He called me an Elitist ?? LOL ..what a moron

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    add 13 to that number;)
  9. Jeremy Floyd fly fishing my way through life

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    Happy Birthday
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    Happy Birthday Ive.
  11. PT Physhicist

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    Happy B-day. Nice story. I was about 10 when I picked up one of my dad's old fly rods. Probably had about 1000 smolts under my belt before I knew any better. Verlot was our camping destination. I can still hear the rain drops hitting the roof of that old trailer.
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    I haven't heard those pattern names since I was a kid. My gramps gave me a photocopy he made of the Patrick's Flyshop pattern book and I tied blindly (no pics). I'm sure that as a kid I tied the patterns you mentioned and they looked like hell.

    What a great post. You reminded me of my dad's garbage-bag waders he made me when I was little to wade in front of his friend Charlie's place on the Cedar, where I caught my first fish on a fly. They worked together at the bag company in Tukwila...

    Thanks for stirring the memories :) Happy birthday.
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    I feel young again, I only added 3 :) And if I predict well OMJ will chime in pretty soon.;)
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    Good stuff Ive, thanks for sharing. Happy birthday too.
  15. Old Man Just an Old Man

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    I don't remember my first fly rod all that well. I saved up my pennies in the late 40's and early 50's. My first rod was bamboo and it was a three piece rod with two tips. I fished a little creek running past West Park or Chico creek. Memories are not to clear anymore. I don't even remember if I caught any fish.

    But anyway, Happy Birthday Ive. Hope you have many more.

  16. Kent Lufkin Remember when you could remember everything?

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    The mosquito dry is one of my all-time favorites. There are fish in some beaver ponds I hit every year that will pretty much refuse most patterns you throw until you tie on a mosquito. Then it's an absolute frenzy and the fly ends up so chewed it barely resembles what you originally tied on. Even then it still catches fish.

    Happy birthday Ive. I've mised you around here.

  17. Dick Warnke was Pram-Man

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    Good tell Ive, Happy Birthday :thumb: If you think you might be in the Tonasket area this fall for some stillwater let me kmow I'd like to meet up with you.
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    I had breakfast in Damascus on a sunny May morning a few years ago, on my way to fish Laurel Creek. The little town was full of Ap. Trail hikers and bicyclists, and I was thinking that it would be a good place for a Virginia fly fisher to live.

    If my math is right, you're admitting to 70. Congratulations on reaching your three score and ten. (You know that 70 is the new 65, right?)
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    I enjoyed your story and thank you for it. I wish I had started at an early age but I still have a long time to enjoy this great hobby.
    Happy Birthday,
  20. Roper Idiot Savant

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    Day late and a buck short, as usual...

    Happy Birthday Ive! Back then I was still just an itch in the old mans pocket. It wouldn't be until I could buy my own rod and reel that I would fly fish. By then the river had already run through it...and the rest is history.

    Glad to hear you're up, mobile, and kickin' butt...maybe we'll get together some day, 'till then, take care.