Urinating in the river?


The Tug is the Drug, eh? :clown:

And if you're having trouble with this, I suggest following the WDFW's example and lower expectation (= hip waders).

Pan, I hope you're enjoying all this. :rofl:




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I don't want to stop my fishing time to pee, so before I go out always have a Catheder ready to go!!! An essential part of a fisherman's vest.


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Salmo, if I understand you right,you stating that I shoul stretch my junk over the waders instead of dropping my waders. I don't know about the guys you fish with, and I don't want to provide too much information, but I can barely clear my waders when I drop them. You guys are from another generation and perhaps are hung like horses. Good for you, man, good for you.


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Don't eat the yellow snow or drink the yellow water! And go fishing, instead of posting lame shit like this... or fish for the brown trout from the sewage dump in the lower Yak! :clown:

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Talking about peeing in a river. Where I live and I pee in a river, sooner or later the pee will end up in the Gulf of Mexico. But if I lived in Butte my pee would end up in the Pacific Ocean sooner or later. This is something to think about, NOT.



Haven't your heard? True steelheaders don't drop their waders to pee in the river. Wastes valuable fishing time. Just stretch it up and over the top. You'll add a couple inches over time and be a more efficient steelheader. This is known as a win-win outcome. Can't believe you didn't know this already. I feel privileged to pass along the wisdom of NW steelheading legends who taught me all the critical things a serious steelheader needs to know.

Kind of reminds me of the joke about why dogs don't need wives...oh wait, when your married that stops too...hmmm would that make you gay? shit...???.....wet wading in the summer is what river peeing was made for....:)


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.....and as long as you are drinking all day...shouldn't really matter to the fish. Unless you are drinking Natty Ice, then they really get stirred up.
All depends how far out from the bank I am. Getting older now, so anything over 10' away means it's a good chance some of it will hit the river...