Dave Scadden XXX pontoon Northfork Outfitter

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I have a just out of the box never been used just assembled and disassembled. The boat is not what I was lookin for but maybe what you need. The boat has every extra and is being sold at a discounted price. My wife doesn't trust it with the young ones so off to something with sides.

Boat includes everything. This is a link to the boat $3900 with no extra's.


Extra's I added-

Two raised seat post because it doesn't come with them
Two extra side bags one for rear and one for front
Two seat bags for front to seats they hang on the back of seat
Tie die sawyer carbon fiber oars
Heavy duty motor transom which I was told should be able to handle up to a 15hp motor

This is almost $1000 in extra's and I will take $3500 for whole package :thumb:
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