( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a living??


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If you need a senior partner, let me know...seriously, what do you like to do? Find a job doing just that...I've spent 30 some years chasing a paycheck. I think I would have rather done something creative instead.


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Been there!!! I graduated with a B.S. degree in Applied physics and had been a computer programmer for 10 years or so out of college. I programmed in a variety of languages on various database platforms and was in the healthcare field. As the technology continued to change at a staggering pace, I found myself working 50-70 hour work weeks and then spending my "free" time trying to get caught up on the latest COM technologies. Just about the time one program would get the kinks worked out, Microsoft would come out with a new version of something and we would start the process all over again. It wore me out!!!

What I started to realize was that although money is nice, all things considered, I'd rather live on less and do what I enjoy. Life is too short and many who live only for their retirement may find that life has passed them by.

I also considered going back to school for a masters but never figured out what it would really do for my career because my goal was never to stay in corporate America. We Americans spend too much of our lives working and not enough time with family, friends, and doing what we enjoy. It's my understanding that in Australia, the average work day is about 6 hours. We could/should learn a thing or two from our Europian/Australian neighbors.

If you're considering getting your own business going, I'd suggest that you find something that you're passsionate about. You may also have to be willing to sell your home and downsize for awhile until things get rolling. There are some good books to help you with the thought process. Many small business owners are also willing to help answer many questions that you may have because they know where you're coming from.

You can do it...you just need a plan!!!

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( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...


Do what you love...anything else gets to be a grind and ultimately not worth the payoff....

Personally I work for the largest winery in Washington as a Graphic Designer . I design packaging , instore displays , brand identity and various other interesting projects. Its mostly computer work with a bit of hand drawing. I can't recommend it for others, but it is what I enjoy. I supplement my modest income with sales of my fine art and occaisional freelance illustration ( see my carp tag in the carp fly swap)

Ask yourself this question:
What have you always wanted to do?

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( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

I am a stay at home Dad to my 2 boys ages 22 months and 5 years. I left the concrete construction industry about 4 years ago and never looked back. Highly recommend it if your wife makes good coin and you're not hung up on traditional gender roles. One thing I would say is don't be afraid to try something new. Find something you enjoy and don't get stuck in a job you hate.

"Failure seldom stops you. What stops you is the fear of failure."
--Jack Lemmon

ps. How's that Sage SP+ treating you?


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I'm a software developer for a commercial real estate and facility management company. I also moonlight doing network administration and some dev stuff for a few other companies to help finance my hobbies and toys.

Sounds like I don't need to tell anyone to stay away from this kind of job. It's just one phase in my plan - the phase where I use the money from a good job to buy all the equipment I won't be able to afford when I'm doing something I really enjoy.


I'll bite.

Went to WWU with the intent of being a music major, I play the tuba. Got burned out on that after a couple years, I dropped out of college to start on the tech support path. 6 years later I've worked my way up to a network engineer position for a large network service provider. If you ever see pnap.net or internap.com that's us. I spend most of my day surfing the web and configuring cisco routers/switches.

I still enjoy what I'm doing for work and the people I work with. If money was not an issue for survival I know I would be fishing all the time. It's one of those things I want to be obsessed and imearsed with, but I just can't let myself do that.... yet.



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( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

I sit behind a computer, corporate benefits processor, or something. Mainly I smoke cigarrettes and annoy my coworkers with fish tales.
I am planning on going to Peninsula college in Port Angeles nex fall to get a degree in Fisheries/Natural resource management.
I went to EWU for 4 years, and am one missed freshman class away from having a BA in recreation management. :beathead
That turned out real well for me:bawling $20000 in student loans and no degree to show for it.
I'm an outdoor writer and environmental activist. I used to work at a fishing magazine. It's a rewarding career that gives me a lot of time for home and family, and I'm doing what I want to be doing. But you know what, when people claim to be jealous, I offer to show them my tax return. That's something to think about.

I've got a certain amount of freedom and flexibility, but there's a lot I can't do. I'd like to fish the Sound a lot more, but there's no way I could afford a boat and a truck big enough to tow it. As a writer, I get offered free stays at lodges in AK and BC that I can't take advantage of because I can't afford the travel expense. I still haven't been able to replace the reels and lines I lost in a car break-in this fall. I drive a 12-year-old rig with a cracked windshield. I pray the roof on the house will hold out a couple more winters. My seven-year-old will want to go to college one day, etc, etc.

I'm not complaining; I love my life. I'm just warning that the grass under us creative, self-actualized types might not be as green as it looks from your side of the fence.
You know what I do Pat, I am in outside sales for a software company. Actually allows me a lot of free time to fish and ski which I love.

I looked into getting into the fly fishing business full time by either buying out a shop, starting fresh but I was not financially prepared to take the hit ( they say you should have 2 years living expenses saved up if you are going to venture into running your own business ). Running my own show one day is my goal but I just need to find something that I love, but still puts food on the table!!

I am working on some things on the side that have to do with the Fly Fishing industy which keeps me busy and more importantly breaks up the monotany (sp?) of the daily 9-5.

Speaking of which where are we going fishing in late December!!!



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I am an entomologist, and I can honestly reccomend the proffession to any flyfisherman- you already work with little things-knots, flies etc. and likely have an appreciation for insects! A hardened Wyoming rancher once said to me at an impressionable age, "you're gonna spend 75 % of your life working, better pick something good" Honestly I'd rather live as a fishing bum on say the Dean, but alas no trustfund here. I don't know anyone who hasn't made at least one career change. My mom got her MBA at age 50. Can anyone say they're still on plan A? I really believe anything is possible given a determined spirit. Being a weekend warrior from now to retirement isn't part of my gameplan, but I see how this happens all the time. Some people work to live, others live to work.


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( NFR ) Just curious what everyone does for a livin...

love the rod :thumb :thumb :thumb

My wife is coming upon an opportunity to make 6 figures. If that happens I may become a stay at home dad myself ;). I know it aint easy and I give you kudos for doing it :thumb

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Great question. I think that it is one that all of us go through at some point. I was a licensed civil engineer for 27 years in consulting and construction management. The higher I went in Corporate America, the more I hated my work even though I was making more money. Finally after getting to a point where I had no time for my family or myself because I was working or traveling all the time, I said screw it and made a major career change.

I bought an Executive Search franchise and work as a recruiter. I love it. I make more money than I use to, have time to fish, ski and golf, and spend a lot more time with my family. The transition was a bit ugly, but it was really worth it. The only regret was that I didn’t make the change earlier.


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My pen name is Andrew...I own one of Seattle's biggest software companies, I have an artificial salmon run off of Lake Washington....

Oh wrong personality...I sit behind one of those evil machines drawing buildings for people that do have money. I aspire to be a stay at home Dad and hopefully pass on my desire for flyfishing to my kids.

No job is a perfect job...just make time for people you care for, and the hobbies you enjoy, everything else is less important.
Seattle Fire Fighter for last 24 years. Former insurance salesman. Former USMC helo pilot (yes, I did a tour in Nam).


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