A quick Memorial Day weekend report

I've enjoyed the recent reports by Roper et al. Especially the photos of that fine Okanagon scenery. My report just has fish pics - I need to take more time to capture some scenery shots.

Headed north for a few days to a lake I heard through the fishing grapevine was putting out some good fish. It was about 20 miles over some nasty roads complete with large rocks and mudholes. I thought I was in the middle of nowhere until I pulled into camp to find about 4 other rigs. Over the next couple days about 4 other rigs rolled in. The fishing grapevine is very efficient. Lucky it's a big lake with plenty of room for everyone. Many times I had a bay completely to myself with no other boats in site.

The fishing was good the weather was wet. Water temp about 54 degrees and it rained almost nonstop the whole trip. There were some big hatches of chironomids (#12) and the mayflies would start popping everytime a squall would come through. They were on the smaller side (#14) but lots of the fish I pumped were full of the little nymphs. A nymph under an indicator just off the shoal picked up a few fish for me. By far the fish were mostly full of chironomids but I had almost no luck catching them on chironomids. After a few fishless hours with chironomids and bloodworms I abandoned those tactics and went for a big change. I anchored in 5 feet of water and started casting two rods with indicator setups over the drop off. With a microleech and slow twitch retrieve I started picking up fish every 20 minutes or so. It was like catching steelhead on a 4wt. The takes were violent with sizzling runs and leaps as high as my head. A number of times my line was in the water in front of me and the fish was jumping 20 feet off to one side like it was a different fish. I would get the fish to the boat and they would be under the boat, around the anchor rope and then into another long run. They were all in the 20 - 24 inch range, probably 5 - 7lbs. Lots of fun. I saw a ton of caddis activity in the shallows and so I'm thinking that a return trip in late June will be in order. I've attached a few pics but I missed most of the good scenery shots - I will have to work on that....

Rick Todd

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I was on a lake on the eastside and actually, after the rain quit Friday morning, the weather was very nice (excluding a couple wind storms coming through) and the fishing was very good on chironomid pupa's. I didn't spend all the time on the water as the grandkids wanted to go for a swim and to the rodeo. For a very well known lake, it was pretty quiet for fishers, although a lot of Memorial Day revelers around! One evening from 8-9:30, I was into fish constantly, smallest 14", up to several 19" very acrobatic trout-lots of fun! Rick