Fiberglass switch rod lawn casting video


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There is two ways to do it, and I have done both...
First, I cut a two feet graphite blank and insert it into the butt section of the 9 weight blank.

Second method is just finding a fighting handle to fit into the Fenwick 909 vintage rod (in the video). The actually length probably only 9'8. To make sure it is a tight fit, I use electric tape to tape the fighting handle first and screw it in very tight... if I want, I still can remove the fighting handle.
so, I ended up getting an FF909, but without the fighting butt. what do you guys use for an extension....and yes, the sole purpose was to make it into some sort of switch rod with an emphasis on two handed casting. I also ended up getting a cheapo 11' 6/7 switch rod off of that one auction's a pure joy to cast two handed, scandi style (that's all I've been able to figure out so far)...but, that's pretty much what I had in mind for this Fenwick.

Yuhina, what modifications did you make to yours?

thanks for the inspiration!
I need to learn this whole spey thing, that really looks like fun....
I was just a spectator too until today! while its a little frustrating learning to cast all over again (single hand and spey are black and white) it was really fun to nail the snap T a few times on the pond behind pacific fly fishers with some great instruction from joe.

i say go for it.