the perfect steelhead/salmon line


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I am looking for a line for my backup steelhead rod. It was only $45 (lamiglas 9wt) and the reel was even cheaper. So I am looking for a solid all around sinktip line for it. I dont want to set up tips, running line, any of that stuff, basically I dont want to spend twice as much on my line as I did on my rod/reel, it is only a backup.

What recommendations could I get for a sinktip line. There are a lot of them at varying prices. I will probably only use this in the winter, since it is a 9 wt and I'll be using my 6 wt in the summer mostly.

Thanks guys
I like the type IV Scientific Angler Wet Cell. Factory line works in most situations, and under $25.00 from Cabelas.

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Just out of curiosity, why do you need a backup line for your backup rod? Swapping reels between rods is a non-issue, and even swapping lines between reels is a 5 minute operation.


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I have a great shooting head set up for my main rod, my st croix 8wt.
I want an easy-to-use no-hassle line for if I have friends along that dont have their own set-up; OR if I bust part of my shooting head off on a big steelhead (again), then I can have a simple go-to setup that I dont have to mess with.


Watch eBay. set up Fly Lines on "My Favorites" and check it daily. It may take some time for the right line to come along, but you'll be able to buy excellent, new lines for one-third their list price. I just bought two Aquanova (good Canadian lines) WF10's for $19.95, and last night I bought a slightly used sink-tip for $5 + $3 shipping.:smokin