You never forget your first...

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
There was one activity I would have told you is way beyond my ability. Well, thanks to Orvis sponsoring Roger Stephens talk on fishing floating sand lance patterns, I decided to try tying my own flies. Roger provided a very simple recipe that even I thought I could manage. With assistance from John at Avid Angler, Jimmy at Patricks Fly shop, and Leland at Orvis I purchased equipment and materials and gave it a shot. My friend Construer offered me the "Remedial Instruction in Fly Tying for Idiots" he teaches. I assured him I qualified for that level of instruction. After a few "learning the basic skills" attempts low and behold, I tied four of Roger's floating sand lance patterns.

So how good are they?

Good enough.

I really want to thank Terry for his patience and understanding. He demonstrated the beginning tricks I needed to learn and watched me bungle along. He also didn't laugh once at my repeated attempts to get a whip finish on a hook.

People had told me that catching a fish on your own fly is going to the next level. It was my first and I'll always remember her.
Awesome! Great job at sticking with the tying and making it happen. I think it's one of the things that makes fly fishing even that much better - tying your own flies. Gives you a creative outlet when the weather is crap, and always makes me think of fishing when I'm tying something up. I have a feeling this is the first of many more!



Well done and congratulations on what looks like a nice 12- 13" sea-run cutthroat! Good job tying the sand lance skater pattern:thumb:. It looks like you used extra select craft fur which IMHO is better than artic fox tail. Tube top water sand lance patterns are very effective as you now know and easier on the sea-run cutthroat.

The top water sand lance action is just starting to heat up and should peak in a month or so through early Fall so you should have a lot of fun during that period.

Well done Karl! Now it's time to target an adult salmon.

Those reading this post should know that Patricks has all of the materials needed to tie up Rogers pattern. After Rogers clinic most of the local shops had a run on necessary materials, and Jimmy didn't hesitate to order a good amount all necessary items.

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Roger: good eye, it is the craft fur. I tried the fox hair but the craft fur just works better. And it was a 12-13" cut. There were a couple of larger fish that swiped at it but the tide was slowing and they got too good of a look at my bug. I tied another half dozen today and re-read the tips you and Leland posted on fishing top water for searuns. Note: If anyone catches a nice size SRC that has a topwater sand lance pattern in it's mouth, I tagged it on Friday. Didn't catch it, did tag it. Must have been a nick in the leader...never felt the fish but saw the fly disappearing into the depths in a rapid manner.

Constructeur: I ran out of eyes...back to Patricks on Monday. And I am ready for some salt chrome as you know. Let's get'em.
Congrats, I think tying your own flies really helps you connect with the sport, and everything that goes into it. There are not a lot of fly tying instructors in my neck of woods, so I mostly rely on what the books at my library can teach me.

Keep up the good work!