Pattern The Bulldog


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Hey everyone - Just thought I would share our websites most popular pattern "The Bulldog". This is actually Don's personal version of the original pattern.


Ed Call

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That squeaky bobbin would drive me nuts. Hell, it drove me nuts watching the video. I like the color and material combo, enen if it is a variation to a woolley bugger, most flies are variations of other flies anyway.

Bob Jones

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Ed that squeak drove me nuts too. There is no logic to Bitterroots thong and even less to you mentioning it on your signature. You should make that go away, and keep it between you and Bitterroot maybe in pms, cause we don't need to know your personal information unless it's really nasty.


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Thanks Kale. This show is probably the best out there right now. I have taped all the episodes and have the Bulldog episode stored on my DVR so I could tie the fly. This is much nicer with the detail in the youtube video. I can’t wait to fish the Bull dog next spring in B.C. Winter is for tying lies while watching football and hockey, after a day of skiing. Winter is near!


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Nice thing about being deaf-I didn't hear the squeak. Some of you guys get downright nasty when someone complains. A good thing for a new guy to know. I liked the fly. I liked the tier. I liked his table, tools, thread, shirt, lighting, voice. There, don't jump in my pile. I'm sensitive.
I noticed the squeak but it didn't bother me. I just blocked it out. An interesting take on the wooley bugger. Adds some sparkle and variation to the wooley bugger. It certainly would be a good fly to have on board.

I tied up three of them, will test them out and see if they work any better than the standard wooley bugger.
Thanks for the kind words, glad everyone is enjoying the fly. I'm pretty sure the squeaky bobbin has been retired (and won't be in any new videos). We will be filming more web exclusive flies in January, and I will post them here when they are complete.